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THINK AGAIN: Fashion, Farming & Fiber

April 27 @ 6:00 pm - April 28 @ 10:00 pm

$5 - $10

April 27, 6.30-9:00 pm: Amuse Bouche Panel Discussion — Pittsboro Roadhouse, Downtown Pittsboro
Featuring:  Jesse Daystar, VP Sustainability Cotton, Inc., Eric Henry, President TS Designs, Marty Clemons, President of NC Industrial Hemp, Beth Stuart, Executive Director of Raleigh Redress with Moderator, Elijah Brunson of the Rachel Carson Council

April 28, 2pm until 10 pm: All Day Festival Conference
Speakers, Vendors, Workshop Schedule & Music Lineup to be announced March 15th!

Engaging people in provocative conversations around the fashion industry.

Today, 246 million children age 5-14 work in garment factories across the world.   Today, communities adjacent to industrial cotton fields are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and cancers.   Today, 85% of the clothing we discard in the US is sent to landfills and incinerators.  Today, a dressmaker in Africa is unemployed because we’ve saturated her village with our thrift store castoffs.  Today, fashion is right behind oil as one of the most polluting industries on earth and consumption is rising.


In this daylong festival event, we’ll re-think:  The history of cotton in NC – from the slave ship to the shores of China to today’s sustainability movement.  Industrial Hemp and the implications of this new industry.  The ills of “fast fashion.” Global industry and the economics of extraction.  Conventional fibers and textiles, the impact of synthetic fibers on our oceans.  Social justice.   The worldwide effects of garment disposal.  Who and what is beautiful?  Deep culture versus personal style.


We will engage in rethinking fashion by considering the use of upcycled, recycled and local materials. We’ll also shine a light on vendors and designers doing good work on this front –  across our world and right here at home!

Let’s step back from this page and take a look at what we’re wearing…

Will we make better choices tomorrow?


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this daylong festival event includes…

East Coast Runway Fashion Show – featuring 6 local designers with up to 5-7 looks.  Presenters, speakers, and thought-leaders in the sustainable fashion industry.  DIY Workshops – featuring indigo dying, screen printing, and more.  Sustainable Vendors – featuring NC Fiber, local &  handmade apparel, up-cycled goods, and more.  Organizations doing good work in your community and beyond.  A History of NC Fiber.  Earthskill Demos.  Live Music and Art.  Local Eats.  Sustainable Spirits.

Is there anything else you’d like to see at this event?  Email suggestions, inspirations, connections, and recommendations to Hannah@AbundanceNC.org!





Have some wisdom to share?  A poem to spit?  Wares to sell.  Song to sing.  Do you know someone who should shed some serious light on fashion, farming, or fiber?  We need you!

We’re looking for educators, vendors, volunteers, speakers, entertainers, artists, and all sorts of wisdom bearers to participate in this event!  Interested in participating?  Take a moment to fill out this form!




Art2Wear4Anyday365 – by Lorin Fieds – is a collection of hand dyed, felted scarves and accessories.  Lorin is a fiber artist, with a focus in natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton, with hemp forthcoming ) She hand dyes her work, felt where applicable, and also Up-cycles (the carolina cotton H2I series). #zerowaste #rethink #slowfashion sustainability.  Please visit www.instagram.com/lorinjfields for a concentration of recent work.









Dr. Bronner’s Soap is a B Corp in business to make the world a better place. They protect the environment through donations to environmental groups, protecting land water, human rights and activism!  Stop by for a free sample and to hear about what Dr.B’s is doing for our environment!



Fiberactive Organics’ original mission was and still is to increase the market for organic cotton in order to promote organic farming throughout the world.  We have done that over the years by making a vast array of organic cotton products under many labels.  Now we are completely focused on organic cotton sewing thread.  Thread is so basic to every textile product, it gives us the greatest opportunity for worldwide environmental good.

Fiberactive Organics’ current mission is to see to it that every garment in the world is sewn with organic cotton thread.  OK, that’s not realistic, but it’s a great goal!  Seriously, we believe that sewing with organic thread is just as important as constructing products with organic fabric.  Too much chemo-cotton is being grown in the world and it’s taking its tole on all of us and destroying the natural world.  Raising cotton organically is proven to improve soils, conserve water, and even sequester carbon (the science).  Sewing with organic cotton thread was done for generations before agricultural and textile chemicals were invented.  We can see how well organic cotton holds up to time by going to museums and checking out all the ancient textiles.  Fiberactive Organics is in the process of developing a full suite of organic cotton sewing threads that will address every kind of sewing.


Happy Hills Alpaca Farm a small farm specializing in alpacas and other fiber animals , micro greens, mushrooms, kombucha and dried herbs.  We are a no slaughter farm and raise our animals very humanely, giving them lots of fresh local hay, top quality grain and of course, Lots & Lots of TLC.  Our animals are all very friendly and tame and loved to be taken for walks.  We also offers classes in spinning, knitting, and felting with alpaca and mohair fiber. Once you get your hands on the fineness of alpaca, no other fiber will do. Please call us if we can offer you any of our services.





Hempsmith is a mission-driven sustainable hemp clothing company devoted to spreading a love of hemp, the Earth, and a fresh look around the world.

Our goal is to provide fine, ethical products and work to protect this garden planet by returning hemp to the people. All of our product is made in America and 100% organic.



Megan Ilene is the clothing label of artist and designer Megan Lagueruela. All items are made by hand in our Greensboro, North Carolina studio using organic natural fibers and cloth. All dyes used are either natural or low impact synthetic with a focus on low immersion techniques to prevent water waste. All textile off-fall is reconfigured, reused or revitalized creating a closed loop, zero waste system.  Megan Ilene studio strives to create beautiful, well-designed, and long-lasting garments incorporating old and new practices to create fresh pieces.  By creating items that can be worn a myriad of ways and utilizing materials that are ultimately safe for Earth’s reclamation we hope to change the thought process one utilizes with purchasing goods. Who made your clothes? What are they made of?   It is our hope that by producing and consuming mindfully, we can focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste, and create truly impeccable clothing for the discerning customer.


Neomega Nutritionals  is an NC-based company providing avacoado oils infused with local farm ingredients.  We strongly believe in the concept of ‘Let food be thy medicine’ and we follow this principle for all our products. Our mission is: to innovate in the kitchen with our ingredients and recipes, to educate our consumers about the health benefits of our food products, to follow strict standards of sustainability and to give back to our community.  Neomega will be offering samples during the event!




Oak City CBD is an all natural company making 99.9% CBD products including Oils,Vapor, and more. We strive to bring you top quality products at competitive pricing in the local Raleigh,NC market. contact us for our offered products or request personalized products for your own needs or bulk.





RIVTAK Handmade  – short for founder River Takada-Capel’s name – is the progression of River’s creative mind.  All products and packaging are made from remnant and salvage material, so most items are completely waste free!  Focusing on the use of found and salvaged materials, River is always experimenting with new projects, products and workshops ideas.  River embraces the spirit of re-use by investing in high quality materials that are left behind by factories, giving them a second life to serve a function in our everyday lives.  The brand is a collaboration of the things River loves & her fascination for crafting with her hands.River carefully crafts each piece around a purpose… adornment and awareness.  With as much creativity, confidence & musing thoughts as she has, the RIVTAK customer requires playful adornment with the edge of an educated consumer.  You are invited to join River on this journey through slow fashion and how a lifestyle filled with handmade things can bring joy into one’s life.


Wovenspirits – by Rebecca Dale – features handmade up-cycled Bo-Ho creations; including clothes, bags, gypsy passport pouch/ necklace, festival color book, crochet hats, original design “Earth Children” 4 page book each featuring one of 12 different female scientist with yarn doll interactive!

Rebecca Dale has been professionally involved in the arts since 1976. Is a passion and completely self taught. Offers 69 different classes! In South Georgia she appeared on Public T.V. demonstrating the art of woodcarving. Dale’s work defies categorization. She favors magnified flowers in pastel, and detailed birds in colored pencil. She likes architecture, with an emphasis on old, interesting buildings that have intricate cornices. She has created a series of note cards in pen and color pencil of historical sites in Lexington, Virginia. Her experience in the many art techniques and media help her to adapt to the needs of her clients. She freely uses acrylic paints, pastels, pen and ink, charcoal, and Prismacolor pencils.



























































Think Again is a series of salons, gatherings, performances, and conferences held to reconsider our dominant culture in hopes of inspiring better ways of being in this world.  As a culture, we’ve found ourselves on auto pilot – not questioning the paradigms we’ve inherited.  Have we conjured a world that we can thrive in?  Can we re-imagine our place in it? What is serving us?  What is not?  How might we contribute to making a better day for those who come after us?

The consequences of the way we live our lives are powerful.  Our culture is fertile for change.   The time is now to Think Again about everything.  As an ancestor, may we be remembered as those who planted the trees that give shade to future generations – not the ones who lost the seeds for good.  As we think again, may our ideas take root to create a more verdant world.

Lasting change grows from the ground up.  In local communities, we can rethink old systems that no longer serve us and tend to new ones.  With curiosity, trust, and wonder – there can be a clearer path to a meaningful way of living, producing, learning, and being together.

So together, let’s Think Again.




April 27 @ 6:00 pm
April 28 @ 10:00 pm
$5 - $10
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