Zafer Julian Estill Memorial Fund

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In gratitude of your kindness and spirit.

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Tami Schwerin and Lyle Estill, of Moncure, have lost their son, Zafer, affectionately known to many as simply “Z.”

Zafer was a traveler, an explorer, and an avid tennis player who loved to skateboard, hike, kayak, and follow his favorite sports teams. Zafer loved water sports of every description, from water skiing to raft building to surfing—and everything water based in between. He was a dedicated skier, who loved back-country runs.

When not shredding powder, he studied business at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Zafer loved fashion, and fine things, and worked a wide number of jobs, from archaeological surveying to carpentry to sustain his high-flying lifestyle. He was active in business, selling his own brand of hemp t-shirts, and firewood, and investing in the stock market. Zafer was a graduate of Northwood High School in Pittsboro, where he wrestled, ran cross-country, and led the tennis team.

Zafer died peacefully in his home in Boulder, Colorado on April 14, 2016 from experimenting with heroin, four months before his twentieth birthday.

He is survived by his siblings. All have been extremely close, sharing many laughs and wild adventures together.

The family has been devastated by Zafer’s sudden and unexpected death.

Zafer has been buried in the woods of Chatham County that he so loved.

Z was actively engaged in Abundance, NC, which has established a fund in his name.

Here are some pictures of Z’s exceptional life…