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Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino

The Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino program is a mutual aid in which neighbors of the NC Piedmont are willing and able to donate money in order to help pay utilities and shelter for those in need. Some folks help buying and delivering groceries to others. Abundance NC connects “Neighbor2Neighbor”.. .other times, Abundance NC directs the neighbor to other resources available in our community. The Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino help is immediate. When there are funds, needs are met within 3-5 days. There is no application process other than reaching out to the organization for help.

Throughout the month of December 2020, Abundance NC created a Holiday Gift Card Campaign for the Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino program and raised $17,000, helping approximately 85 families with food, shelter and utilities.

Since March 2020, the Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino program has helped ~385 families of the NC Piedmont area. We get calls everyday and the need doesn’t seem to be going away this year. We always need funding because there is always the NEED! !!

If you CAN HELP we invite you to join our program: HERE

or write a check to Abundance NC and mail it to: Abundance NC / Neighbor2Neighbor 220 Lorax Lane / Box 5 / Pittsboro, NC 27312 or use this GOFUNDME fundraiser.

Once we receive and process your donation you will receive a tax deductible receipt. *20% goes to program overhead costs.




VIDEO of Tami Schwerin, Executive Director of Abundance NC, Bill Horner, Publisher of Chatham News + Record and Brent Levy, Pastor of The Local Church.

MORE information about Neighbor2Neighbor HERE (7.20.2020)

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