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Abundance NC has evolved from educating the public about local food, renewable energy, local economy, basic sustainability to promoting health, love culture and community resilience. While we still facilitate all of these, we have come to believe that the answer lies in healing ourselves. The Power of One.  We can only change ourselves and inspire others.

We create events to connect people to one another. Our world is less connected than ever with technology, screens, nature deficit, busyness, denial of death, fear of people that are different than us, a culture of scarcity and a belief system that needs changing.

Abundance NC is a community hub and a group of cultural alchemists. We continue to push the edges by offering education and events that touch subjects that seem taboo, until we realize that these are the topics that heal and that mean something.

Our world is starved for real conversation about relationships, life, death, communication, equity, and our beautiful earth. Perhaps if we can heal ourselves, we will NOT be compelled to fill the holes with consumerism and with degrading our planet, the very thing that supports our life.

Abundance NC does a lot of things. We think they are all important. We are an incubator to non-profits that work within our mission and we put on large events and small events such as:

  • PepperFest: educates the public, the Chefs, the food artisans about importance of sustainable agriculture and how a little fruit provides incredible nutrition, how the soil is all important, and is an economic engine to this community.
  • Death Faire: educates and heals the public about green burial options, legalities, different cultures beliefs around death and dying, grief support, children’s celebration and activities, normalizes, celebrates our loves and mostly heals.

Death Faire 2020


  • Non Profit Incubation: For over a decade, Abundance has birthed projects and organizations that are also working on community, local food, renewable energy and local economy. Many have gone on to form their own 501c3.  This is a very meaningful part of our work.  We love to mentor and facilitate the good work of others.
  • Community Needs: Programs, workshops, conferences to promote and create local resilience through health, sustainability and culture

Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino Program / Mutual Aid

PepperFest 2020 / Abundance NC pioneered in a Covid-Friendly Event

PepperFest 2019 / Streets of Pittsboro, NC

PepperFest 2020 / Basket Goodies / Chefs & Sponsors