a microcosm of the paradigm shift


our soul work is curating cultural events, community gatherings, curious discussions, educational workshops, and group ceremonies. we help facilitate connection of all beings to flow within the natural, cyclical rhythms of the universe.

we are here to dream-up programs ​and safe spaces ​that aim to heal ourselves, empower each other, and to prepare the collective for various climate and community crises. we infuse all that we do with local and intergenerational wisdom, regenerative agriculture and body-centered activism.

we have a multiplied impact by incubating several other community projects that have missions in alignment with a world we all know is possible.

while doing this, we lean into the mysteries of science and spirituality, the unknown and the​ uncomfortable, while encouraging the power of our creative and diverse imaginations.

our roots

back in 2003, a group of community-minded citizens of pittsboro, nc, were putting their heads together to get two new co-operatives off the ground. they had decided it was about time for our agriculturally-rich county to have its own food cooperative, so they started chatham marketplace, a grocery store that focuses on local food, local economy, and ownership by the people. at the same time, they were organizing a local fuel cooperative, piedmont biofuels, which would collect used local cooking oil and transform it into clean renewable diesel fuel for folks in a 100 mile radius. it was an exciting time, full of big ideas.

one evening while the tired founders were relaxing in a hot tub and staring at the night sky, someone mentioned that what we really needed was a new non-profit to carry out some programs that would complement the work of the two co-ops and spread the word about sustainability in our area. so, they began the paperwork and named the organization after the theory of abundance, referencing the abundance of good food and amazing people in the piedmont of north carolina.

Meet the team

Our Guiding Lights

brittany partridge

earth angel &
associate director

earth angel rising. daughter. sister. cousin. granddaughter. plant lover. skateboarder. dirt loving tree hugger. i am eternal spirit here to spread love and light to my earth family. my passion for rediscovering and honoring ancient traditions fuels my constant desire to align spirit with our Earth Mother’s natural colors. i am here to be.

Cathy Brooksie Edwards

Clinical Director - heart2heart

LPC#2733 LMBT#692

Cathy is honored to provide massage therapy, hands on healing, energy work, body talk practices and music for healing through her work with heart2heart. These modalities can help with muscle and joint pain as well as reduce anxiety and depression in support of individuals through times of loss, grief, transition, and fear. One of Cathy’s great passions is working with musicians to create a soundscape for healing. Cathy follows the orientation that deep stillness, unconditional love, non-judgement, and kindness holds a holy space for healing.

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