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Mission and Vision

We at Abundance NC envision a North Carolina where people increasingly meet their needs locally and sustainably.


Our mission is to promote community resilience through health, sustainability, culture and equality.

At Abundance NC we see a future in which North Carolina is made up of flourishing and resilient local communities, where people know their neighbors and depend on one another to meet their needs for healthy food, renewable energy and other resources, locally and sustainably.  Our goal is to make it easy for people to live in harmony with nature and to become more free and self-sufficient, while at the same time being more connected to and interdependent with, the people in their local communities. Strong resilient communities that are diverse and aware are the places we want to live.

How do we aim to accomplish this lofty goal? 

Through non-profit incubation and events such as PepperFest, Death Faire, we raise awareness about the importance of creating strong local economies that do not rely on depleting the earth. We encourage people to find out about and take advantage of the abundant local resources we have, right here at home.

Depending on what the community needs we also create programs, workshops, conference and MORE for people to come together to learn, inspire and support one another, in their shared efforts to build more resilient communities. Some of these opportunities take place during our events and include but are not limited to conferences, workshops, fundraisers, the arts -including culinary- programs such as Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAvecino and more.. . .

.. . .and we’ve seen that when people get together, amazing things happen.


Get involved!

Lyle Estill leads a Sustainability Tour.

Lyle Estill, of Piedmont Biofuels, leads a children’s sustainability tour at the Plant.

Chef Challenge

Our Chef Challenge program brought chefs of local restaurants together with school children to develop delicious school lunch menus that used local produce.