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The People Behind Abundance

Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated.
– Terry Tempest Williams

Abundance NC Staff

TAMI SCHWERIN, Executive Director

To Tami Schwerin, no mountain is too high, no goal too lofty – she sees in pure potential.  To Abundance, she is the fearless visionary, community builder, and cartographer of the impossible.  To the wide world, she’s a Sun dancer, spirit seeker, sparkle mama, and backwoods country queen.  Her vibrancy is utterly contagious – her eyes, set on the horizon.  Tami wears life’s difficulties like a pair of bright red pumps.  She is a vision of creativity and grace.


HANNAH ECK, Associate Director

Hannah has the giggle of a child and the wisdom of an elder. Resourceful, creative, insightful, and wild, she is a light seeker and truth speaker.  At Abundance, she is a community-spinner who creates beauty and celebration for the human spirit.


CHARLOTTE VETTER, Chief Financial Officer

Charlotte is a wise elder.  To Abundance, she brings gentle joy, carries sage wisdom, and serves as an anchor of honesty – keeping us from drifting too far out to sea.  To all who meet her, she is an inspiration of change and hope.  Charlotte is ever curious, an eternal lover, and notetaker of the soul.


ALISA ESPOSITO, Creative Director

Alisa is a fierce creatrix.  She loves the earth, animals and old ways of knowing.  Within the community, she is wise listener, bone bearer, story bringer, and mother.  Hand in hand with Abundance, she is a visionary, moving through life consciously vulnerable yet invincible.


JENN HANSEN, Integrator

Weaver of words, ceremonialist of song, mystic mother, Nordic queen – Jenn is pivitol to Abundance.  She is sensible, balanced, and forthright – keeping the momentum moving strong.  Jenn is a beacon of light.  There is something ancient in her stride and ancestral in her song.


Amanda Sand, Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

As the newest member of Abundance, Amanda is the perfect puzzle piece.  She wrangles details with precision and slays data with ease. As a mother and wife, she is patient.  As she walks this earth, Amanda is generous, quietly passionate, and grounded – a vision of whole heartedness.


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“…We have barely disembarked into life…we’ve only just now been born, let’s not fill our mouths with so many uncertain names, with so many sad labels, with so many pompous letters, with so much yours and mine, with so much signing of papers. I intend to confuse things, to unite them, make them new-born intermingle them, undress them, until the light of the world has the unity of the ocean, a generous wholeness, a fragrance alive and crackling.”
― Pablo Neruda