Build a house without a mortgage: Small House Convergence this weekend!

Earth brick construction is a skill you can learn at the Small House Convergence this weekend.
Earth brick construction is a skill you can learn at the Small House Convergence this weekend.

The Small House Convergence, which takes place this weekend, September 19-21, in Franklinville, NC, is an affordable opportunity to learn a variety of DIY small house building skills, ranging from Energy Systems for Small Structures, to Post and Beam Construction, to Zoning and Permitting Issues for Small Structures (see complete schedule here).

A growing movement of people in the United States are building houses without a mortgage—living larger by building smaller.  On September 19-21 Small House experts and enthusiasts will gather at Living Well Community in Franklinville, NC (27 miles south of Greensboro) for workshops, demonstrations, presentations, and discussions, about building Small Houses.

Harvey Harman, of the Small House Institute/Living Well Earth Stewards, the sponsor of the event, says:

It will be an amazing event.  It will be great having so many knowledgeable people doing such unique and groundbreaking work all in the one place.

Small house
A small house from the Living Well Community.

Hands-on workshops include “Timber frame Construction Basics” with master timber framer Mike Yaker, “Building with Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB)” with builder Jeff Gannon and Permaculturalist Mustapha Barry, “Easy Small House Construction” with builder and Small House Designer Harvey Harman, and “Portable Sawmill Demonstration” with woodworker and builder Logan Parker.

Presentations include “Rain Water Harvesting/Management” with eco-architect Tim Watson,” Energy Systems for Small Structures” (and off grid energy systems) with solar experts Whitney and Greg Schmidt,” Design Patterns for Small House Living” with Interior Design professor Laura Cole, and “How to Build a Small House” with engineer Otis Johnson.

Other panel and discussion presentations include “Zoning and Permitting Issues for Small Houses,” “Movable Tiny Houses,” “Small Houses and Community,” and “Creative Financing and Mortgage free living.”

Round House
A Living Well round house.

The event runs from Friday evening, September 19 through Sunday Lunchtime, September 21, . Cost for the weekend event is $150, or $100 for Saturday only, and $50 for Sunday only. Tent camping is available on site for a $30 fee. Work trade options are available, if set up in advance.

Scholarships for students for half the cost of the event is generously being provided by Earth Walk Alliance, a regional environmental nonprofit.

For more information on the event visit the Living Well Earth Stewards website at:

or contact Harvey Harman at 919-799-6819 or

Living Well Community
The Living Well Community is beautiful in fall.