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2017 Climate Carnival

May 13, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

$5 – $30


May 13th  – Noon to 8pm

held at The Plant
220 Lorax Lane Pittsboro

For information on Amuse Bouche (Friday Night Kickoff Event),  click here!

This year, we’re stepping away from the formal conference and hosting a vibrant educational faire – a carnival! – where traditional keynote speakers & plenary panels can come alive with artistic expression, hands-on workshops, deep community interaction, live music, a film room and more…
Saturday’s carnival will include hands-on activities, short films, education tables, local organization booths, artists and vendors boasting eco-friendly products or services, live music, artistic performances, food vendors, and several speaker sessions throughout the day. The evening will wrap up with an After Party.



we’re in need of volunteers!  to volunteer at climate carnival or amuse bouche, click here.


350 Triangle is a local chapter of the international 350.org, building a global climate movement. We will have an interactive educational component and actions people can take on divestment and stopping the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 350 is the red line for human beings, the most important number on the planet. The most recent science tells us that unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million, we will cause huge and irreversible damage to the earth. But solutions exist. All around the world, a movement is building to take on the climate crisis, to get humanity out of the danger zone and below 350.



ACE’s mission is to educate young people on the science of climate change and empower them to take action. By empowering youth to take action within a frame of justice and optimism, we are shifting the national discourse on climate in ways that are proven to affect public opinion and policy.


The Citizens Climate Lobby is an organization working to create the political will for a stable climate & empowering individuals to activate their own personal political power.




CoCoRaHS is an acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow). By using low-cost measurement tools, stressing training and education, and utilizing an interactive Web-site, our aim is to provide the highest quality data for natural resource, education and research applications. We are now in all fifty states.



Compost Now provides a compost collection service for households and businesses across The Triangle! Compost Now is an alternative way to reduce waste sent to the landfill if you don’t have the space or time to compost at home.





Croatan Institute is an independent, nonprofit research institute, whose mission is to harness the power of investment for social good and ecological resilience. Based in Durham, with an extended team in Boston, New York, and Geneva, the Institute works at the critical nexus where finance, sustainability, and economic development intersect.


Dimensions Family School is here to support every family in their homeschool journey. Our classes and other programming provide the structures and supports of regular school as well as the flexibility and autonomy of homeschool. We want to give learners of all ages a new alternative to traditional education. At Dimensions, children and adults become part of a community of knowledgeable, helpful peers with a wide variety of skills and talents. We provide members with the resources they need to direct their own learning, including materials, classes, peer groups, and social opportunities.


Dogwood Alliance mobilizes diverse voices to protect Southern forest and communities from destructive industrial logging.  Through community and grassroots action, holding corporate and government decision-makers accountable, and catalyzing large-scale conservation, Dogwood advances a twenty-first century society that values standing forests for the many ways they sustain life.




Using the i-Tree Design tool (www.itreetools.org), we will look at how choosing planting sites and species can make a difference in tree benefits. i-Tree Design allows anyone to make a simple estimation of the benefits provided by individual trees. With inputs of location, species, tree size, and condition, users will receive an understanding of tree benefits related to greenhouse gas mitigation, air quality improvements, and stormwater interception.



The Farm-A-Yard movement promotes local food security, offers training to turn lawns into food, and inspires entrepreneurial opportunity for sustainable income.  Lawns are a vast waste of precious usable topsoil, time and resources. We can reclaim our ground and grow our food, and even our neighbor’s food, by transforming our lawns back into food gardens and small-plot farms. We’ll show you how.



With Going Sustainable – learn all sorts of ways can each live more sustainably with the planet. Big things and little things, from the clothes we wear to the food we buy, there is a lot we can each do to make a difference.



GumCha4Health continues a nearly 40-year tradition of advancing self-sufficient, self-sustaining, community-based health and development solutions that focus on the needs of rural families and communities. The strategy has been to promote and support the development of a) primary health, b) maternal health, and c) infant and child health models that can be sustained within local economies. The GumCha4Health Project is just the next step in a working relationship between the Drs. Ali and the International Federation for Family Health that, in 2016, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary.


Hoke County Beekeepers Association is a branch of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association – a volunteer led organization comprised of more than four thousand active members, almost all of which are hobbyist beekeepers that are also members of a network of local beekeeping associations. These local associations are chartered by the NCSBA and serve to help their members learn and enjoy the practice of keeping bees.





The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization, which encourages informed and active participation in government. It does not support candidates or political parties. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.


Local Organic Ya’ll is a project attemptimg to understand the largest players in the North Carolina food distribution system.  This includes the supermarkets who sell billions of dollars worth of food each year and the whosalers who sell to our local restuarants, schools, and institutions.  This has been our quest: ARe the big players using best practices to support local organic foods?  Can they commit resources to be a part of the local food solution?  what are they up to?



By convening intergenerational, multiracial, multi-issue spaces for popular education, The NC Climate Justice Summit engenders the cultural shift necessary to address the root causes of climate change while broadening grassroots engagement in the climate movement at the local, regional and state levels.




The NC Raging Grannies are out in the streets promoting peace, justice, social and economic equality through song and humor.  They will also be performing at the event itself!  See the newest schedule for details.





NC WARN is a member-based nonprofit tackling the climate crisis – and other hazards posed by electricity generation – by watch-dogging Duke Energy practices and building people power for a swift North Carolina transition to clean, renewable and affordable power generation and increased energy efficiency.


The Organic Agriculture Revitalization Strategy (OARS) is a new initiative that advances organic agriculture as a strategy for revitalizing rural communities and supporting regional economic prosperity. Developed by Croatan Institute and Earthwise Organics with initial support from Organic Valley, OARS aims to identify business and economic development opportunities across regional value chains and to mobilize capital to help build community health and wealth. The first OARS pilot project is focused on northeastern North Carolina.


Progressive Farm is North Carolina company focused on leveraging the power of microbes and life force to help our customers and clients grow the best garden, farm or lawn possible.  Through our product formulation and distribution capacities, and our ability to consult growers of all types, we offer simple options for increasing yields, saving water, and long term solutions to common and complex growing issues that not only maximize results, but save growers money.  We are available to answer your garden and farm questions and offer solutions using BioEnergetic methods.



vendors & demos




Dr. Bronner’s Soap is a B Corp in business to make the world a better place. They protect the environment through donations to environmental groups, protecting land water, human rights and activism!  Stop by for a free sample and to hear about what Dr.B’s is doing for our environment!


Kezia Lechner is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Life Coach, with 17 years of experience as a Healing Arts practitioner. At Collective Wellness I offer shorter relaxing, nurturing, restorative Reiki sessions, as well as Reiki sessions which begin with crystal singing bowl sound healing.  I love what I do, and it is my pleasure to work with you to help create harmony, and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.




Hempsmith is a mission-driven sustainable clothing company devoted to returning hemp to the people.




HOMS develops authentic and nature-based solutions applied to nature’s pests. The goal is to replace the potentially harmful synthetic formulations that are negatively impacting human health and the environment. Using products that work with nature is safer and healthier. Our active substances must demonstrate that they can be applied safely and without adverse effects to the environment and human health.


Mellow Marsh Farm  specializes in the propagation of wetland plants native to the Southeast. Our plants are grown from seed collected in the Carolinas and Virginia.  Mellow Marsh has been a huge sponsor of our Climate Change/Farming Adaptation Conference for the past 5 years – we are filled to the brim with gratitude for this amazing farm and all the important work they do!


Moon.Flower.Child hand makes clothing for the wanderlust woman and her family tribe. Made to feel beautiful & unique each piece is One.of.a.Kind and made just for you! STAND.BOLDLY.AS.SOMEONE.DIFFERENT


Neomega Nutritionals  is an NC-based company providing avacoado oils infused with local farm ingredients.  We strongly believe in the concept of ‘Let food be thy medicine’ and we follow this principle for all our products. Our mission is: to innovate in the kitchen with our ingredients and recipes, to educate our consumers about the health benefits of our food products, to follow strict standards of sustainability and to give back to our community.  Neomega will be offering samples during the event!




Award-winning writer, Denise Heinze, will be signing copies of her debut novel, Sally St. Johns, an eco-thriller featuring 43-yr-old Sally St. Johns, a major player in alternative energies. Sally is on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough in energy consumption. But before she can unveil her discovery, she is arrested in Ames, Iowa, after an unnamed source has implicated her in a terrorist plot to destroy any and all competing energy sources. Sally’s task is two-fold: she must save the planet from global warming and clear her name.




Silvan Song Tree Essences are made from leaves, bar, and seeds – these essences offer vital support during this unique time in history.  Use them to smooth and strengthen your path, deepen your intuition, and clarify your goals and dreams.  The love and wisdom from the trees are here for you!

They will be selling essences and tree inspired jewelry!




Solstice Solar is a passive solar greenhouse designer. We designed a 12′ x 16′ low-energy passive solar greenhouse that operates without fossil fuel heat sources that is perfect for home gardeners, urban homesteaders, and institutions.  And, even better, we want to you to have your own! Our plans come with step-by-step instructions, materials list, and many useful tips.



Studio 17  is a design workshop and retail experience featuring the original work of Andrea Batsche and Julia Moore.

Andrea creates “New Karma for Old Threads” by taking formerly loved fabrics and cast-off items, looking at the colors and lines and renewing them into beautiful dresses, skirts, shrugs, accessories, and more. After a successful show at a local gallery where Andrea sold out of her work, she realized her dream of opening Studio 17 in the Fall of 2015.

Julie Moore is the Founder & CEO of Fiberactive Organics, L3C, a triple bottom line company that supplies organic cotton sewing thread to manufacturers and retailers around the world. Julie is a fiber artist that creates fabric vessels as well as organic cotton shrouds and other natural burial products under the business name of Earth To Earth Burial. She serves on the Board of Directors of Redress Raleigh and founded the Montagnard Community Garden for refugee families in Raleigh.  Julie is passionate about living lightly and with purpose.




Unity Outfitters produces modern classic apparel, accessories, and jewelry, all are handmade in Raleigh, NC by Katina Gad using fair-trade, reclaimed, natural, and sustainable materials. Our mission is to empower and aid the establishment of women-owned and operated businesses and community-based organizations through direct partnerships with women artisans worldwide. We accomplish this by creating wearable art using traditional and innovative textiles and fibers produced by these women & indigenous artisan groups who are paid a fair wage for this dignified work.




UniverSOUL Balance is a Mother in-law and daughter in-law duo working to heal themselves, heal others and save the planet, one drop at a time, though ceremony, the old ways, yoga, women’s empowerment, therapy and healing touch.

At Climate Carnival, UniverSoul Balance will be educating folks on working with essential oils to: make green cleaners around the home, how to make bath products, how to make simple gifts, how to use them as air fresheners and how to support emotion and physical health using essential oils.  They will drop some knowledge on the impact that commercial cleaner use and manufacturing is having on climate change. They will also empower people to begin using essential oils that are ethically sourced and rigorously tested to ensure they are using safe and pure products.





Building strong community with shared values, BE New Organic World delivers organic waste solutions for urban and agricultural clients to achieve economic, social, business and environmental objectives. We believe in growing healthy lives from the ground up – LIVING SOIL is the Key! With passionate concern, we started The Wormery to provide Organic Worm Castings. By reestablishing these beneficial microbes into soil — worm castings restore plants, protect against pathogens and other threats, plus provide vitality to plants & humans alike!





Yo Mama’s Style is an NC based jam and jelly artisan.  What’s Yo Momma Got? Why Goodness in a Jar!  What started as a labor of love to create wonderful food turned to a passion for all things delicious! Most people think of jams and jellies as something to put on toast, bagels, biscuits, or between two slices of bread with some peanut butter. I like to think of them as vehicles that transport ordinary into extraordinary.  My line of Colorado Style Green embodies the flavors of Southwestern cuisine. Simple ingredients cooked until the flavors are perfectly meddled together, it just may rock your world! Comer con Gusto.




AWAKE: YOGA FOR CLIMATE AWARENESS, with Katie Johnson of Wildflower Soul Yoga

This practice is more meditation than asana, bringing us into deep connection with the divine feminine energy (Shakti) that vibrates within us and throughout the universe.  Shakti is the embodiment of action, transformation, and rising awareness. In stirring up this inner vibration we cultivate clarity as to how we activate around climate crisis and align to how we can affect change.

My intention in offering yoga instruction arises from the inner transformation that came through my own experiences along the meandering path of life through the teachings of Tantra, yoga philosophy, and Prana Vinyasa Yoga.  The term “wildflower”  sprang to life as a moniker for the overarching offering of my soul to yours due to the sahaja (spontanaeous) nature of wildflowers- blooming wherever their seeds may be transported by the wind (vayus) of Mother Nature.  The divine seed (bija) that contains within it the beauty of a tender flower represents the extreme wisdom we all contain within our minds and hearts- watering this seed with our breath, meditation, and yoga practices draws the innate wisdom from the seed into the light.  My offering is simple:  to tend the garden of sacred space so that your souls have a place to land and blossom through practice.



In this workshop we will examine some familiar Jewish and Christian sacred texts in light of what they have to say regarding a faith-based responsibility to care for the earth.  This is a very interactive workshop in which we’ll laugh and have fun, while at the same time encountering some wisdom contained in these texts that we may not have realized was there.

Pat Watkins is an ordained clergyperson in the United Methodist Church.  He was formerly a missionary working for the UMC General Board of Global Ministries as our first “Missionary for the Care of God’s Creation.” His mission position involved integrating care for God’s creation into the greater overall global ministry of the church. He understands the connections between poverty, disease, environment, and violence to be intimately related.   Effective mission must take place at the intersections of these issue areas. Pat tries to live out his passion for God’s creation by living his life in such a way as to make a smaller footprint on God’s earth. His passion is to raise the awareness, particularly among people of faith, that there is a connection between faith and a responsibility to care for and heal God’s creation. Pat is retired and currently lives in Atlanta.




Wondering how exactly to break the ice about climate change to your young-ones?  Should you even bring a child into this world?

Bring your questions, quandaries, experiences, and struggles – we’ll have a panel of folks ready to address your concerns and talk you through the process!





Reform.  Resist.  Re-Imagine.  Re-Create.  Achieving climate justice requires fundamental social transformation: all aspects of how people relate to each other and the earth—how we get and use energy, how we eat, where we live, how we transport ourselves, and what kinds of work we do—must rapidly shift to restore ecological balance and ensure racial and economic equity.  

The 4 Rs framework-developed by NCCJS Founder Jodi Lasseter-supports Summit participants to work together across different strategies, ensuring that everyone can contribute to a strong climate justice movement. Each of the Rs brings something essential to the process of social transformation, so it’s important that we share information and hone our skills in all four of these strategies.





This workshop is on building healthy eco communities with a focus on eliminating toxic chemicals from residential, commercial, neighborhood and community spaces. Discussion will include addressing key community factors associated with insect, noxious weed, and environmental challenges as we adapt to climate change. Views will be shared on how to meet household and community pest and landscape management needs sustainably. Capacity of 50 persons in Building 2.

Learn about effective, natural solutions that work WITH NATURE to achieve sustainable measures & principles in a CHANGING WORLD.  We will also have a tent up at our Pollinator Garden exhibit and present at this location and Sustainability sites along the Trail.

Allen: Inventor, Manufacturer and Marketer of natural agricultural products. Allen has lived in North Carolina for the past 30 years. He has an extensive background in pharmaceutical manufacturing and product development. Over the past fifteen years, Allen has invented plant-based technologies for his Pittsboro based company, HOMS, LLC, and other marketing companies. Since establishing headquarters at The Plant in 2006, Allen has focused on supporting regional agriculture and creating a way for communities to work together with access to effective, natural solutions that work WITH NATURE to achieve sustainable measures & principles in a CHANGING WORLD.











DIGGING FOR CHINA  with Raj Butalia

In this workshop, participants will explore and learn about the unique soils along the Pittsboro Farm and Forest Trail – highlighting the role of soil processes in local/global carbon dynamics.  This workshop is perfect for older kids (middle school and up!) and adults – though all ages are welcome.  Please dress for the weather and plan to walk 3/4 mile in the woods!








Do you feel paralyzed by our current cultural crises and all the social/ecological and community level implications? Drawing from deep ecology, systems thinking and spiritual traditions, poet, author, scholar of Buddhist teachings and deep ecology, Joanna Macy’s The Work That Reconnects (WTR) builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture.

“The truth of our inter-existence, made real to us by our pain for the world, helps us see with new eyes. It brings fresh understandings of who we are and how we are related to each other and the universe. We begin to comprehend our own power to change and heal. We strengthen by growing living connections with past and future generations, and our brother and sister species.” ~ Joanna Macy


Meg Toben and her husband, Tim, co-created the Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain as a sanctuary for nature connection, renewal, and healing the human-Earth relationship. Meg has twenty years of experience as an environmental educator, and ten as an executive director, during which time she has learned useful techniques for cultivating balance while keeping a holistic level of awareness. Meg knows and loves the NC Piedmont deeply, having raised her family here for the past twelve years. In 2015, Meg was honored with the Piedmont Environmental Leadership Award. Her love for art, ritual, Earth, and humanity inspire her to offer healing space of deep renewal to all who are working to heal our world.



This discussion based workshop is on what it will take internationally, nationally and locally to avoid unacceptable climate change impacts.

Frank Princiotta recently retired as Director of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division of the Office of Research & Development, Environmental Protection Agency.  He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from City University of NY and a Nuclear Engineering Certificate from the Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology. His division is responsible for R,D & D on technologies for controlling and characterizing air pollution from major sources. He has been a key agency expert in air pollution control for over 40 years. He has been the recipient of an EPA gold medal, and three bronze medals for his accomplishments in the air pollution control field. He has also received the President’s Meritorious Executive Award on two separate occasions. He played the leadership role in the development and demonstration of sulfur dioxide pollution control technology for coal-fired boilers, which has been the mainstay of SO2 control worldwide. An author of many scientific papers on air pollution control, he has been a frequent speaker before technical societies and conferences and has testified before Congressional Committees.   In recent years he has focused on mitigating global climate change. He has analyzed the role that technology and cultural changes will need to play, if we are to avoid the potentially catastrophic impacts associated with unconstrained use of energy. His key paper on this subject is available at: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10962247.2014.923351



This presentation looks at our changing climate from the broadest, most expansive perspective, to acknowledge the meaning and significance of what we’re going through.  We are at an unprecedented crossroads in history: shifting from a paradigm of domination and control to one of partnership and collaboration.  We are moving from an emphasis on the Individual and one’s personal power to recognizing our Shared Humanity, and the value and necessity of working together.  We are in an unparalleled shift from the Love of Power to the Power of Love. People around the world are waking up to our potential when we collaborate, paving the way for an evolutionary leap to a new level of mature human social, intellectual, and spiritual possibilities. In recognizing these sweeping changes we can place global warming within that context, enabling us to choose strategies that match the deeper transformations taking place.  In this way we can rise up to play a bigger part in serving our Emerging Future.

This session includes a 30-min presentation followed by discussion.  All are welcome.

Betsey Downing, PhD, has been a yoga and meditation teacher for over 40 years. She owned yoga studios in Virginia and Florida, and has taught workshops and teacher trainings nationally and internationally. Betsey also served as the co-chair of the Anusara Yoga Certification Committee for 5 years and served in that capacity nationally and internationally. In recent years she has become a climate educator. Betsey was trained as a Volunteer Climate Leader in 2013 through the Climate Reality Project and has given numerous presentations on climate; lobbied Congress with Citizens Climate Lobby for a fee on carbon; and is active with Triangle 350.org. She also co-hosts a Climate Video & Discussion Night on Sunday evenings every 3 weeks at Oasis Café in Carrboro.

Betsey holds a masters degree in Urban Education from Simmons College in Boston and a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology and Health Promotion from the University of Virginia.



Come recharge with healing songs for the weary changemaker!

A native of Asheville, NC, Jodi Lasseter is an ecofeminist mountainwoman. She is an organizer, ritualist, facilitator, and educator with over 20 years of experience building grassroots power with community groups throughout the U.S and abroad. As the Founder and Co-Convener of the annual NC Climate Justice Summit—a multiracial, intergenerational movement-building platform–she utilizes popular education to bridge social divides and promote a life-sustaining culture. Jodi is the Climate Justice Program Director of PowerUp NC. She has worked nationally with the Engage Network and Spirit in Action, and internationally with the Amazon Alliance. Jodi completed her Bachelor’s at UNC-Chapel Hill and was a Social Change Fellow at Clark University, where she received her Master’s degree in Community, Environment and International Development. Now living in Durham, Jodi spends her free time hiking along the Eno River, singing freedom songs and playing frame drums.




The Citizens Climate Lobby is an organization working to create the political will for a stable climate and empowering individuals to activate their own personal political power.  This workshop will focus on what individuals can do to engage their elected officials. We can cover questions like: How do I engage my Representative? How do I write an effective letter? How do I schedule a meeting with my member of Congress? What is the role of congressional staff and should I meet with them? Does it work calling my Representative? What makes an effective meeting? With the new administration it will be imperative that folks get involved and we can provide the tools to make everyone a successful lobbyist.
 Donald Addu is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in Ecology and Environmental Biology. He has spent the last decade advocating for renewable energy and action on climate change. Donald founded the first Citizens Climate Lobby group in North Carolina 6 years ago and is currently the Mid-South Regional Coordinator managing over 25 active groups spanning the Carolina’s, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky, all on a volunteer basis. Donald’s primary focus is grass roots organizing along with direct Congressional lobbying on the federal level.

toxic free nc  with Charles McNair and Preston Peck

Charles is a native of eastern NC and grew up in the farming tradition.  Commitment to the people of NC living a toxic free life is what drives him. Today, his focus is on organic, non-GMO, sustainable and regenerative Agroecology. He was a farming member of the Wayne Food Initiative and formally employed at a pre-K – 7 charter school, Dillard Academy where he wore many hats, the primary ones being the IT Coordinator and Garden Coordinator and Community Engagement. His endeavors are focused on youth, organizing, and health. He founded Freedom Farm for Dillard Academy, where he raised food to give to needy families, taught youth and others how to grow soil and utilizing local herbs and “weeds” in traditional folk healing. He also assisted others in planting community gardens, including a current project to build gardens at local housing units.

Preston has a background deeply rooted in community organizing and grassroots policy development. He offers skills in facilitating informational workshops around a variety of issues and self-advocacy trainings.  While at Toxic Free NC, Preston has been deeply involved with environmental health advocacy work at the municipal, state, and national level. He continues to work closely with legislators and community leaders to develop policy that truly reflects the values of all North Carolinians. Preston’s passion for people and the environment stem from his upbringing in rural Alabama and a family history deeply rooted in farming and politics. Preston holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from Birmingham-Southern College and has a Master’s of Arts in Sustainable Development with a concentration in Policy Advocacy and Methods. In his free time, Preston enjoys backpacking, skiing, and riding his bike on Raleigh’s beautiful Greenway.


wild walkabout with leif diamant

In his session entitled “Sacred Ecology and Nature Spirituality: Wild Walkabout Connecting to the Source” –  Leif Diamant will lead this experiential class exploring Nature as Beloved, Inspiration, Healer, and Teacher. The original source of many religions and spiritualities, Nature is our home,: wildness is our roots. We are designed as human beings to Love Nature .As we walk around The Plant grounds, we will discuss and practice ways to deepen and expand this primary resource in our daily lives for rejuvenation, healing, and happiness.

Leif Robert Diamant has been a lover of Nature all of his life and has spent much of that life outside as a gardener and farmer, ethnobotantist, wild crafter, walker in the woods and fields…   He is a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, and an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister. He served on the Duke University Medical Center faculty for ten years, and now teaches and leads ceremonies in settings such as Piedmont Earthskills Gathering, Shakori Hills Music Festival, Warren Wilson College, Annual Meeting of Licensed Professional Counselors, and the Abundance Foundation.  Leif can be contacted at wildearthconsulting.com or boxturtlecommunitysupportedagriculture (csa). com

Your clothes can change the weather  with Julie Moore

Did you know that the fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter?  In this workshop, participants will learn the connection between the fashion industry and global warming – addressing farming, processing fiber and disposal.   Julie will bring fiber samples so that participants will have the opportunity to understand the subject matter firsthand.

Julie Moore is the Founder & CEO of Fiberactive Organics, L3C, a triple bottom line company that supplies organic cotton sewing thread to manufacturers and retailers around the world. Julie is a fiber artist that creates fabric vessels as well as organic cotton shrouds and other natural burial products under the business name of Earth To Earth Burial. She serves on the Board of Directors of Redress Raleigh and founded the Montagnard Community Garden for refugee families in Raleigh.

Julie is passionate about living lightly and with purpose.



kids activities


Hands on construction activity for kids: Kids will be using untreated wood, glue and non-toxic paint to create nests for native pollinators! Did you know there are 4,000 native bee species in the United States? Kids will have the opportunity to learn about protecting pollinators and how to create housing for them. They may take their bee nests home or donate them to the farm. For ages 4-11. Kids under the age of 4 must be accompanied by an adult.



This activity will take place near the Biofarm pole barn. Parents may drop off their kids for this activity after signing them in. They are also welcome to stay and participate. Duration of the workshop will be 45 minutes to one hour. The workshop will happen at the same time as the HOMS workshop, so that parents may attend the HOMS talk while their children are making bee nests. Hayes Simpson will be in charge of this workshop along with a couple of kid’s area volunteers!

Hayes was born and raised in NC and has been a Chatham County resident for eight years. She has a communications background and a broad understanding of sustainable agriculture, with experience ranging from the completion of an AAS in Sustainable Agriculture at CCCC-Pittsboro to practicing horticultural therapy, to farming and advocating for farmers. She especially enjoys regenerative soil management, learning about soil microorganisms and helping to protect pollinators.



“HANDS-ON” PAPER MAKING  with Anne Silverman of Tin Porch Paper

In this workshop, kids will experience a demonstration of paper making with locally grown bark fiber!  Come dressed to get wet and messy!  Kids will have the opportunity to make their very own sheet of paper to take home with them.  Chatham County tree bark fiber paper – is doesn’t get more local than this!

Ann Corley Silverman is an artist whose creative medium is handmade paper. Nature and natural processes can be engaged at almost every level, from plant fiber collection, cooking, and beating, to water addition and subtraction. For the budding scientist, experiencing the essential role of water in the formation of something so dry provides a window into a natural bonding process. For the sensualist, there is the simple pleasure of plunging hands in water, stirring floating fibers and then watching them settle onto a screen.  Silverman began making paper in 1992 and pursues studies at Carriage House Paper Mill in Brooklyn, NY, The Penland School in North Carolina, and The Women’s Studio Workshop in upstate New York. She spent a semester at the Center for Paper and the Book at the University of Iowa, and has had solo shows in New York, Ohio, and North Carolina. She continues to exhibit both locally and nationally.



FUN WITH MACRO-INVERTEBRATES  with Mike Holland of BioAllies

Come get your hands wet and your minds expanded!  We’ll be catching and viewing aquatic macro-invertebrate from local streams, ponds, and other water sources.  Kid’s will get hands on experience with water sampling and then get to view their microscopic critters on a large projector!  This workshop will be rolling throughout the day.




“shed” talks

Investing in a Just Transition with Dr. Joshua Humphreys, President and Senior Fellow, Croatan Institute

We are currently undergoing a major historical transition in the way communities use energy and natural resources — from one of unbridled extraction and over-reliance on fossil fuels — to more sustainable and resilient models of economic development. Will this be “just a transition” — or “a just transition” that ensures equitable, inclusive development that creates sustainable livelihoods while addressing climate change and other environmental challenges? Come here Dr. Joshua Humphreys, president of Croatan Institute and a leading authority on impact investing, discuss how to divest from fossil fuels and invest in a just transition to a more sustainable and equitable future for people, places, and the planet.


Emily Liu lives in a Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and is a 10th grader at East Chapel Hill High School. She has been interested in environmental science since third grade, when her mother brought home a monarch butterfly, and then Emily conducted a project on it for her class.

She is motivated to make a difference because she knows that there is only one Earth, and once mankind destroys the planet, the consequences will be devastating for future generations. Since then she has participated in many environmental activities, such as the UNC Climate Leadership and Energy Awareness program (LEAP), the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) Fellowship, and the Morehead Open Minds Teen Cafe. She is leading her school to participate in the EPA Air Quality Flag program and the Solar Panel Project to get solar panels at her school through the Duke Energy Carolinas/NC GreenPower Schools Going Solar Grant program.


Support Pollinators to Reduce the Effects of Climate Change with Dr. Elizabeth Hilborn of Bee Well Mobile Veterinary Services PLLC

This presentation will cover how honey bees and our native pollinators support food sustainability and help us adapt to climate change. I’d like to share information to help empower people to assist and support these essential animals in residential settings.  Dr. Hilborn is a local veterinarian committed to helping develop a thriving and decentralized sustainable food system that is resilient to the effects of climate change.




Dr. Konrad is the Director of NOAA’s Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC), which provides operational climate service programs and expertise in climate science for the southeastern United States.  SERCC is an operational climate service center that conducts research on climate in the southeastern United States and translates that research into operational tools for users.Dr. Konrad is also a principal investigator with the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA) interdisciplinary research team that connects climate science and decision-making in the realms of water, coast and health.







FARM-A-YARD  with Linda Borghi and Marsha Howe

The vision of farm-a-yard is to convert yards into food production areas like we did with the Victory Gardens during WWII. The difference between then and now is that we not taught the skills necessary in order to make that happen. Farm-a-Yard is all about education in the area of growing soil, growing food, growing cash and growing a Movement.








HOW THE JETSONS SAVED THE WORLD  with Whitney Beers Schmidt of Charge Point





IN THE AGE OF #RESISTANCE: WHO WILL SPEAK FOR THE TREES?  with Danna Smith of Dogwood Alliance

Forests are often left out of the conversation about climate change, yet a massive scale-up in their protection is critical to solving the climate crisis and to protecting our communities from the worst effects of climate change. At the same time, the scale and rate of industrial logging in the Southern US is 4 times that of South American rain forests! Come learn about the growing movement across NC and the South that is pushing back corporations and governments from the local to international level in defense of our Southern forests and communities.


LOCAL ORGANIC YA’LL  with Fred Broadwell of Local Organic Ya’ll






Climate change isn’t happening… OK, it’s happening, but it isn’t caused by humans… Ok, it’s caused by humans, but we can’t fix it….  Ok, we can fix it, but it will hurt the economy.  It’s hopeless anyways, so we might as well just party.    WRONG!  (But there’s nothing wrong with a good party…)

This talk will focus on some of the soluntions to climate change that are being implemented now.  And what your role in helping solve the climate crisis can be.  Glen Estill is the founder of Sky Generation and Oxley Wing Farm in Ontario, Canada.  He recently build a net zero home that supplies all of its energy – not just electricity – from the sun.


POSITIVE ACTION IN A TIME OF NEGATIVE NEWS  with Donald Addu of Citizens Climate Lobby

With all of the negative news recently we would like to focus on the positive action taking place both in NC and DC around climate change. This talk is on the increased support we have from Republicans in both houses of Congress, including from the tea party and the Freedom Caucus, which are the most conservative wings of the party. Over the past 6 years of lobbying we have seen Republicans become more open to the idea of addressing climate change and now have almost a dozen members who have joined the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus to focus on solutions.



This will be a discussion with a borrower and a lender – Slow Money NC folks share their passion of investing locally!





Today, for the first time in history, more people die from eating too much than from eating too little. More people die from old age than from infectious diseases. Violence against others is at an all-time low. Alternative energy prices are dropping even faster than their advocates predicted just a few years ago. Rapid advances in computing power, artificial intelligence, materials sciences – literally every field of science! – are increasing, at an increasing rate. What does it all mean for the fate of our planet? Jim’s talk will focus on how exponential technologies are impacting the world’s most pressing problems in food, energy, and population growth – and how that is impacting the battle against climate change.


At Progressive Farms – our work is in regenerative, and what we call BioEnergetic, agriculture. We consult with growers on how to grow soil, not just plants. This makes the soil a C sink and mitigates the C building up in soil and oceans. We can present information that would be relevant to farmers and homeowners on Regenerative BioEnergetic Agriculture. Also composting on a home scale and brewing compost tea to grow the microbes responsible for growing soil.









The Oblations are a two-man Blues/Funk/Rock band from the triangle area of North Carolina. Joe MacPhail’s setup is comprised of drums and a keyboard, which he plays at the same time. Daniel Fields plays slide and electric guitars with a host of a effects pedals. They both sing. Though only a duo, they easily (and to the amazement of the audience) produce the sound of a trio or a quartet, entirely avoiding the use of pre-recorded tracks or digital loops. This unique setup expands the boundaries of live instrumental performance. With over a decade of experience playing together in various projects, The Oblations share a unique musical telepathy, and invite you to join them on a funky, textural, and personal journey informed by the last century of of American music. Whether playing their own original music or covering artists from Howlin’ Wolf to Outkast, The Oblations never cease to surprise or delight with their off-the-cuff improvisations, genre-bending compositions, and relentless exploration of uncharted musical territory.



Lobo Marino, a Richmond-based duo whose elegantly eerie chant-like intones soar over drone-vibing world-fused folk music built primarily on harmonium, bass drum and other various instruments.
Named after the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, they draw from a rich palette of international influences. Their infectious hooks and intoxicating vocals are both hypnotically spiritual and deeply soulful.





The Raging Grannies are an international “dis-organization” of older women who work for peace, justice, and planetary sustainability through song and humor. They write their own biting lyrics to old familiar melodies, and then bring their message to the public whenever and wherever it needs to be heard, whether they’re invited or not. In their signature Granny hats, shawls, and aprons, when the Raging Grannies sing, people take notice! We hope to bring our songs about fracking, pipelines, the elimination of the EPA, and other abominations to the Climate Carnival.


food and beverage



Boro Beverage is a locally sourced handcrafted beverage company. We make draft kombucha, shrubs and craft syrups sold at the farmers markets and throughout our community!  We’ll be selling draft kombucha and other non-alcoholic beverages during the event!



Qi’s Hospitality and Concessions will be offering fresh squeezed lemonade!





Sangha Tea will be brewing up some beauty in a cup!





Fair Game Beverage Company is a craft distillery and winery rooted in our Southern home and inspired by the world’s classic spirits.  Our rums and brandies are slowly fermented and carefully distilled on an alembic copper still before resting in bourbon oak barrels.  With all of our products, our goal is to bring you true Southern craft spirits,  equally at home in cocktails, on their own, or over ice.  We avoid shortcuts in favor of an honest, slow approach to produce spirits of the highest quality made with unique ingredients and processes, and always uniquely delicious.



Breakfast and Beyond will be set up onsite with some bodacious Southern fusion cuisine!












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May 13, 2017
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
$5 – $30
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