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Advanced Aquaponics Series – Part 1: How to Build and Run a System Profitably

May 2, 2015


PART ONE: How to Build and Run an Aquaponics System Profitably

May 2, 2015 (10 am-5pm)

Located at Healing with CAARE, for directions click here.

Register online:
Registration limited to 50 people – Pre-registration and pre-payment required. Please bring a bag lunch.

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Topics covered in Part 1:

  • How to size the fish density to the planting area for specific fish and plant species
  • How to schedule staggered or progressive plant and fish production
  • How to size the bio-filtration, clarifying, and aeration systems
  • How to analyze and adjust water quality parameters
  • How to kick-start the system
  • How to germinate seedlings, treat plant disease,  extend seasonal growing, and save seeds
  • Overview of commercial system designs
  • How to build and assembly the mechanical equipment
  • Cost-Benefit analysis of small-scale production
  • Hands-on learning and tour of small-scale commercial production system

This workshop requires a basic knowledge of the Aquaponics topics covered in the “Introduction to Aquaponic Sustainable Organic Gardening” workshop and is specifically geared toward people who are ready to build and run their own small or large-scale production systems. Specific topics that will be address are: feeding rate ratios, fish stocking and plant densities rules, biological surface area requirements based on biological loads, start-up cycling procedures, water quality testing, identifying and correcting nutrient deficiencies, instructions on raft, flood and drain, and wicking system build designs, and economic analysis of small-scale systems.

This is Part One in a Series of Two Workshops. Learn more about Part Two: Advanced Aquaponics – Cutting Costs and Creating Value Added Products , and register, HERE.


 About the instructor:

rachelRachel Tinker-Kulberg, Ph.D. is founder of AquaponicFood4Thought, LLC and provides science or research support to teachers, organizations, and individuals trying to promote public awareness about healthy food choices and environmental sustainability by using Aquaponics as a project-based learning tool. She is currently engaged in several Aquaponic builds throughout the Triad area that will serve to increase access to healthy food to the surrounding community while educating the users in sustainable farming techniques or simply serve to provide an aesthetic addition to their landscape or business space To learn more or contact her, please visit her websites at: linkedin.com/in/aquaponicsfood4thought or www.aquaponicfood4thought.com


May 2, 2015
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