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Hot Toddies & the Intangibles: Applied Spirituality

January 30, 2016 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

$10 – $30

an Abundance NC discussion series, led by Trip Overholt
Saturday, January 30, 2pm-5pm

Located at the Plant at 220 Lorax Lane, Pittsboro, NC.
For directions, click here.

Winter is a time of reflection.  Short days.  Long nights.  Stark snow.  Wood stoves.  This season delivers us the opportunity to look inward and explore the recesses of our inner selves.

This winter, Abundance NC is getting cozy and pensive.  We’re lining up some serious thought leaders in the Triangle who are willing to share their wisdom and direct round-table discussions on all things perplexing, abstract…. intangible.  Grab your slippers, bundle up, and join us in looking inward.

Yes.  Hot Toddies will be served.  21 and up only.


APPLIED SPIRITUALITY  led by Trip Overholt

We all crave to be special.  In reality we are perfect.  Let’s talk about this.  Let’s deconstruct how we relate to our spiritual selves.

In this round table discussion, we will do some exercises that get us out of our heads and into our hearts.  Together, we will try to reach the place where this reality becomes our truth.

We are not going to try to learn anything new.   We will use simple techniques, like intense self-inquiry and gaining confidence through the sharing our unique experiences.  Together, we’ll try to undo some things we have learned that don’t serve us.  We will discover how – when we give up our need to know and begin to trust – there is a more  pleasing and effortless way of being in the world.  We’ll call this practice of living from the heart  “applied spirituality”.


living from the heart 2


This discussion-based workshop is limited to 12 participants with a minimum of 5.  We offer this experience on a sliding scale, an idea based on the principal of “gift economy.”  We provided a suggested price.  Pay what you feel you can but know that no one will ever be turned away from lack of funds.  We believe that knowledge should be affordable.

Applied Spirituality is intended for those who are open-hearted and willing to try on some new ways of experiencing life by doing exercises with fellow participants and discussing our relationships to our spiritual selves!


Pre-Registration is suggested.  Register Here



Trip Overholt is passionate about sharing the wisdom he has collected over his lifetime of self-inquiry that has brought him to where he is now: comfortable in his own skin.  He has assembled reliable exercises for grounding our emotional bodies where real benefits are felt.

Trip Overholt Headshot SMALLTrip is an artist – his medium is the land itself.  He is the owner and operator of Zortacular dreamscapes where he creates natural pools, landscapes, hardscapes, outdoor living spaces, water gardens, sacred spaces, and ceremonial grounds.  Zortacular is a word he coined for the feeling of being in the flow of nature.  It’s why he builds these pools.

In the words of Trip:

“Most of my free time these past 20 years has been put into my own dreamscape.  It brought me so much joy I decided to it for others.   This unique combination of traditional work experience and a top flight education, coupled with my life on the land and all that I’ve learned in construction gives me the confidence and professionalism required to deliver on whatever you dream.”



January 30, 2016
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
$10 – $30