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April 20, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Abundance NC’s next faire-style conference: 


April 20, 2019 at the Plant

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Reclaim childhood wonder.

Re-evaluate cultural constructs.

Re-think inherited expectations.

Revive our relationship with the natural world.

Embrace what hurts us.

We are born to love.  


Think Again is a series of salons, gatherings, performances, and conferences.

Imagine a community centered in LOVE.

This coming April we will explore the always fascinating and curious subject matter of Love in the modern age.

We can’t throw these amazing community events without your help! We always co-creators like volunteers, performers and vendors.
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Keynote Vanessa jackson:  Conjuring a Love Revolution: Everyday Acts of Love to Transform Our Communities

Vanessa Jackson is a Soul Doula and licensed clinical social worker who is passionate about creating healing spaces and supporting individuals and communities in being powerful and authentic. She is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis-George Warren Brown School of Social Work. She practices her craft in Atlanta, Georgia and worldwide via Skype.  You can learn more about Vanessa at HealingCircles.org.
“I am an activist with a passion for women’s health and community building. This interest led me to pursue a masters degree in social work with a focus on women’s issues and social and economic development at Washington University, George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Over the years, I embarked on my own spiritual journey which allowed me to honor many spiritual traditions and to be present for others who are trying to live spirit-centered lives in a world which does not always honor the spiritual life.  As I negotiated the inevitable crises in my own life, I noticed that I found it most helpful and healing to take integrated approach that explored the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and community aspects of my “problems”. Over time, it made sense for me to offer this perspective to individuals and families who came to me for consultation.  I sought additional training in reiki, energy healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), crystal healing and aromatherapy to add to my clinical training in family systems, narrative therapy and power dynamics. I was once asked about my “theoretical orientation” and my heart-centered response was “My theoretical orientation is magic. It is my goal to fully express the magic in me and to invite out the magic in you!”

Opening Ceremony

Original Songs About Love by Essi Novelli



Spoken word by Kamile Sabali










The Up and Up is the newest funk sensation out of Raleigh/Durham. Broadcasting sonic waves of joy all throughout the human body to stimulate the madulla oblongata, making the heart race with the rhythm and lungs fill to the groove. Bringing together an all-star lineup of funkateers from some of North Carolina’s greatest funk bands, this supergroup is sure to represent. Bringing together a boisterously blissful fusion of funk, soul, jazz, blues, and rock and roll, The Up and Up’s unique sound and catchy melodies will be good to your earhole!

Check out a video of the The Up and Up’s live studio release “Contradiction.”


Sacred Sound by Daran Wallman of Healing Earth Resources

Located just minutes away from downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro, near University lake. Healing Earth Resources is a sacred space where you can relax, meditate and rejuvenate.

We offer a wide variety of therapeutic services including Massage, Shamanic healing, Breathwork, Didgeridoo Lessons, Energy and Sound therapies.




A Love Unimaginable: Living at the Intersection of Human and Divine Love – with Frank Phoenix, David Gold, and Juli Reeves

12:30 – 1:30pm in The Cidery

Since a Love Unimaginable unexpectedly descended upon David Gold and Juli Reeves four years ago, they have become models, guides, and beacons for how real people in the real world can live a love that is beyond their imaginings. It often happens that people ”bump up against” David and Juli out in the world and respond with questions akin to, “Who are you people?” or “What is your story?”  In this panel-style workshop, Frank Phoenix will interview David and Juli and draw out their remarkable answers to these questions, which can disrupt and expand your ideas about love. Their presence is powerful and contagious, their wisdom is practical and transformative, and their humor is engaging and uplifting. Join us and hear David and Juli’s story of A Love Unimaginable.

Frank Phoenix is an Environmental Engineer turned Philanthropist and recently self-proclaimed intimacy junkie. For the last 20 years he’s sought to understand himself and the world carrying the question “What is wrong with us?” Frank’s answer: we are living a mistaken identity – we think we are alone and separate in a world of others also along and separate. Not so. Our true nature, is deep connection, we all long for intimacy, to see and be seen, and his work in the world is to help meet this need…in himself and others.

David Gold has enjoyed remarkable success as a trial attorney, serial entrepreneur, and business coach and consultant. He also devoted over four decades to relentless spiritual seeking, working with two demanding teachers and serving as a spiritual mentor to hundreds along the way.  Despite his bounty of earthly accomplishments and transcendent experiences, there was always a hole in his heart – a vacuum that was filled when Juli Reeves came into his life and Love Unimaginable rushed in.

Juli Reeves has lived a life of unwavering integrity, with her ears ever-attuned to the call of Truth. Highly intuitive and deeply committed to health and healing in its myriad forms, Juli was preparing to enter Medical School at age 35, when she gave birth to her daughter – and discovered a higher calling in a Mother’s Love.  It was that same love that propelled her to put her feet upon the path toward a Love Unimaginable, which she fearlessly and seamlessly stepped into when she met David. Juli’s lifelong devotion to family continues to evolve, as Juli and David now bring their Love Unimaginable into their new family, shining a light for their children to one day find the same.



Inviting Intimacy for Couples – with Tracey Turner-Keyser, Full Circle Family Counseling/Universoul Balance

12:30 – 1:30pm in The Abundance Office

In this short intro to LOVE in a consensual adult relationship I will define the difference between ‘closeness’ and true “intimacy.”  No matter how long two have been together, both closeness and intimacy are critical components to keep the relationship ‘alive’ and ‘vibrant’.  How to do this?  Lost the magic of intimate connection ?   Come to this workshop.

Tracey Turner-Keyser LPCS. BC-DMT, is  the founder of Full Circle Family Counseling PLLC – just outside city limits of Pittsboro. She work with families, children and individuals with developmental complex trauma; physical/sexual/mental trauma, Reactive Attachment Disorder, depression, anxiety. Tracey combines her spiritual wisdom with Dance Movement Therapy, yoga and psychotherapy with a holistic perspective addressing mind, body, spirit. Tracey helps empower the family to acknowledge each other despite shame, guilt, anger and sorrow that may have been inflicted at any point.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor.  A Yoga instructor, completing 500 hr yoga certification. I coach HS  X-C and track implementing yoga for athletes. I am an Infant Developmental Movement Educator who works with moms and children to strengthen the bond/ attachment between mother and infant, children, preteens and teens as well. I have been in private practice for over 30yrs.

 www.fullcirclefamilycounseling.com   and www.universoulbalance.com



Medicine For The Earth:  Healing With Divine Light Ceremony  – with Lauren Jubelirer

12:30 – 1:30pm on the Main Stage

During this ceremony you will experience how you can work in cooperation with compassionate helping spirits and the spirits of the land as well as getting in touch with your own internal divine nature to create healing.  This ceremony is done in collaboration with community and the spirits.  Together, we will weave a web of light and love that will ripple out , connecting each other, the earth, and all life.  The next phase of human evolution is about engaging in community with love, compassion, joy and cooperation with the spirit world and all life.  You are invited to participate in this simple ceremony as we join our energies together to experience the transformative, healing power of love and community.  Lauren will teach  a few short, simple practices you can do daily to experience and radiate your  divine light and  love.


Lauren Jubelirer is a shamanic healer, acupuncturist, coach, and astrologer.  For over 30 years she has studied and worked with shamans, mystics, and Healers including Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, Dhyani Ywahoo, and many others.  This ceremony is based on Sandra Ingermans groundbreaking work called Medicine For The Earth.


A loving masculinity – with Abundant Men

1:45 – 2:45pm in The Cidery

An invitation for men to come together to explore authenticity vulnerability and intimacy in today’s world. #thinkagainmen




Listening, Lovingly when Listening is hard – with Fran Wescott

1:45 – 2:45pm in The Abundance Office

In this workshop we’ll explore together ways that we can relate more lovingly through listening. When we ask someone how their day went, do we follow along but fail to reflect? Are we waiting for an opportunity to share? Are we crafting artfully what and how we’ll share even as the other person speaks? During our time together, we will discuss and practice with one another the loving art of listening so that the people we love feel heard and so that we get to see and hear and learn more about the people we love.  We’ll reflect on moments in our lives when we felt heard and what it was about those powerful exchanges that prompted us to reveal ourselves. We’ll share some useful tools to promote listening with love. We’ll practice with one another the fine art of listening with an open heart and learning to recognize, trust and share when we’re offered the opportunity to be heard.

Fran Wescott is a writer and strategic communicator with 25 years of experience in everything from national and state-wide TV to authoring technical trainings on Medicare. She’s been called “relentlessly curious” and she’s not a bit shy. What she brings to her consulting business is a commitment to marry her years of experience in organizing people, data and time to a long-held passion for storytelling.  She’s all about the story.


Weaving Community Through Song – with Yuri Woodstock

1:45 – 2:45pm on the Main Stage

Explore the voice with community song leader Yuri Woodstock in an aural-tradition song exploration.  We’ll learn harmony songs ranging from silly to soulful; songs to bind our arriving and departing, our joy and grief.  Let’s learn to tap into this magical instrument we were born with.  All voices welcome!



Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing – with Amrita Grace, The sacred feminine mystery school

3:00 – 4:00pm in The Cidery

Who is your first and best love?
Why, it’s YOU, of course!  Your body is a precious, holy temple.

In a safe, sacred space, Amrita will guide you through a leading-edge practice that will gently invite you to love, accept, and cherish your entire body and being. Everyone 18+ is welcome, but please arrive on time as doors will be closed once we begin.

Amrita Grace is an award-winning, bestselling author, High Priestess, and Director of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, bringing Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® to a world that needs it more than ever.



RAISING LBGTQ CHILDREN – with LaShauna Austria and NC Free Mom Hugs

3:00 – 4:00pm in the Abundance Office

Learn more about being called in to raise a child who identifies as gender/sexually non-binary from parents with experience. In this discussion, led by community leader LaShauna Austria, we’ll share information and inspiration on ways to show up with love and support in parent-child relationships, and in the community at large.







activities for kids!

Wole Ajala and his famous human powered scroll saw machine

Wole (pronounced “Wally”) is a Physicist and Health Informatician and currently teaches Mathematics in a magnet school in Durham NC. During his free time he is a scroll saw artist/designer and a woodworker. His grandparents and parents were self-taught woodworkers and scroll saw artists in Nigeria. At the age of six Wole started helping his father by pedaling his 1936 ingenious food-powered lathe and scroll saw machines. He developed an interest in scroll saw arts and began designing and producing products at the age of seven. With lots of encouragement and support from his parents he won several awards in scroll saw arts and crafts competitions. Wole has been working with wood for the past 55 years. In 2006 Wole introduced scroll saw arts at the “Community-In-Schools” and “Upward Bound” programs in Texas. In 2008 Wole started a community based project in Greensboro NC “Make and Donate Clinic” where children of all ages meet on a monthly basis and learn scroll saw techniques to make wooden toys. Students each make at least two toys, one to keep, and one to donate through the United States Marines as toys for underprivileged kids or for disaster relief efforts. The program’s goal is to create and donate 5,000 wooden toys per year! Wole has also created a 16-foot mobile workshop built into a trailer that will soon be solar powered to operate at least 10 scroll saws and can take his trailer to public schools, outdoor events, and help share his skills and talents to put “Smiles on the Little Faces In Our Communities”

And…. Giant Bubbles, Facepainting, and Arts n’ Crafts


activities for All!

nature mandala ceremony

This ceremony is inspired by my pilgrimage to Peru where I learned the ancient ways of the Q’ero who continue to live high in the Andes in deep reciprocity with the living earth. In the Andean Spiritual tradition, the despacho ceremony is performed by Q’ero shamans as an offering of gratitude and healing to mother earth or a Mt. Spirit. Each despacho includes items from the natural world and every day items such as food, flowers, seeds, ribbons, sweets, cocoa leaves, etc. The addition of colored sand is inspired by Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandalas. With a similar intention as the despacho, we co-create this offering of beauty in remembrance of our interconnectedness within the web of creation. Each mandala is ceremonial dismantled with a sacred reading at the close of the event and gifted to the river—sending our prayers, blessings, and intentions for the healing of our world out in all directions.  To learn more about Sacred Art Studio visit the website!



Art Gallery – Check out the Artist Bios here at the Art Show page!

Smelt art & skittles is not your conventional art gallery. This gallery promotes the arts while serving as a skittles alley – the European indoor pub game similar to bowling!

The building used to be an aluminum smelting plant for Inco Alloys, manufacturer of parts for fighter jets. Many years later it housed the reactor building for Piedmont Biofuels. The industrial building makes for a very chic gallery.


Astra et Terra

Beauty products from the earth.  To learn more and check out upcoming products, visit https://www.facebook.com/astra.et.terra/.





The Benevolence Farm Body Care line is our newest form of income for the women living and working on our farm.



Budget Baller Bling is the epitome of high class, stylish Paparazzi jewelry that doesn’t break the bank because it only cost $5. My goal is for my customers to accentuate the beauty they already possess.




Meet Samantha R. White, C.P.C., your trusted Christian Mindset Coach with Consult Positivity. As a certified professional coach, I have been helping women with their mental and emotional needs by offering my support, professionalism and Christian principles. I have spent my life helping women transition from emotional pain to peace.  I have an extensive educational background including a Masters in Developmental Psychology and a Bachelors in Business Management minor in Psychology.


Copper Wilds is the project of maker Kam Kastelic.  This fierce and free spirit blesses the world with her handmade pottery and potions!







GumCha4Health continues a nearly 40-year tradition of advancing self-sufficient, self-sustaining, community-based health and development solutions that focus on the needs of rural families and communities. The strategy has been to promote and support the development of a) primary health, b) maternal health, and c) infant and child health models that can be sustained within local economies. The GumCha4Health Project is just the next step in a working relationship between the Drs. Ali and the International Federation for Family Health that, in 2016, celebrated its 20-year anniversary.





Hempsmith is a mission-driven sustainable hemp clothing company devoted to spreading a love of hemp, the Earth, and a fresh look around the world.  Our goal is to provide fine, ethical products and work to protect this garden planet by returning hemp to the people. All of our product is made in America and 100% organic.




Herbal Healing brings you innovative skin care for the whole family!  We developed an ultra healing skin care balm inspired by Nature and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.  Our mission is to deeply nourish and moisturize dry and itchy skin, leaving you with radiant and healthy skin. Our vision is also to lead the way in eco friendly packaging to drive home our our message: Nourish your skin, Nourish our Planet!




We at Oak City Hemp are excited and determined to supply the people of NC with any and all hemp extracted products they may need or be interested in. The founding of this company is a work of passion for us, the staff, and everyone else that has assisted us along the way. It is our mission statement to ensure that Raleigh and the rest of the triangle area has access to reliable and trustworthy cannabinoid products.



Sparkroot Farm makes a long-lasting, lathery and luxurious bar of goat milk soap. Made with vegetable oils and the milk of alpine dairy goats Frida and Clara. Scented only with essential oils, with added herbs and flowers from our garden.







Chatham Cider Works makes small-batch hard cider in Pittsboro from North Carolina apples.  We work with local apple growers to source the apples that give us the complex, satisfying flavor of a traditional hard cider.  The cider is available in keg and in bottles.

If you’d like to visit, we’re happy to open the cidery for a tour.  Contact us at lashleyroad@yahoo.com


Fair Game Beverage Company is a Chatham County distillery and winery, featuring NC grown and produced wines and spirits. Look for our products featuring apples, peaches, sugarcane, blackberries, tobago peppers, and more – all grown in the South!





NAZZ’D Food Truck that offers Burgers, Sandwiches, Potatoes, Veggie options and more.. . .

“Farm to Table Sourced from Chatham County Farmers”





Mead…  Not just for vikings!  Call it mead or honey wine. At Starrlight Mead, we invite you to discover your new favorite drink.














April 20, 2019
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm