Wintery mix tour + sweet potato biscuit recipe

  Abundance NC recently hosted eleven kids, from the Cathedral of Incarnation, an Episcopalian church on Long Island. That’s not remarkable. We have thousands of visitors each year, who come […]

Fire cider: cold and flu tonic recipe

We’ve all been there – as the temperature outside plummets, your body temperature shoots up. Your nose flows, you suddenly have a frog living in your throat, and it feels like […]

No worry curry – the perfect fall meal

  The other day, I pulled open my vegetable drawers and saw:  two bags of greens, half an onion, garlic, a pile of sweet peppers, cilantro, basil, some sweet potatoes, […]

The Barbara, an alluring locavore cocktail

The Barbara Lorie is a variation of a creole with bitters (I’m not saying anything about you, Barbara), once famously known as the Barbara West, after one of the last […]