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Chatham Neighbor2Neighbor / Chatham VecinoAVecino

Abundance NC in collaboration with the Chatham News + Record, the Caremongering Pittsboro Facebook group and Chatham Trades is matching folks that are in need during this Covid-19 period with our volunteers and locals that have time and resources. This idea came to Bill Horner from a similar program being successfully implemented at the Miami Herald.

We have seen all sorts of acts of kindness in the past month of folks delivering groceries to families, restaurants creating dinners for people, individuals supporting people that have found themselves scared, without enough food, without money to pay bills and even just folks that are alone and need someone to connect with to talk.

We are grateful to be working with such competent and open hearted people and look forward to connecting those at need with those that want to give. A benefit to both sides.

We are distributing these forms widely and the feedback will be confidential.

People will be connected via geography in the county.

Both English and Spanish versions are provided and we have translation if needed.

Do you need help? Are you looking to help?

Complete the Chatham Neighbor2Neighbor confidential form using the weblink:

English version:    https://bit.ly/ChathamNeighbor2Neighbor

Spanish version:    https://bit.ly/ChathamVecinoAVecino

Someone will contact you within 24 hours. Please share widely! We are all in this together!


Want to donate? FUNDRAISER, CLICK HERE. Together we can get through this!

VIDEO of Tami Schwerin, Executive Director of Abundance NC, Bill Horner, Publisher of Chatham News + Record and Brent Levy, Pastor of The Local Church.

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