Fall DIY Workshops set to make you more self-sufficient

Want to grow fish in your own garage or backyard?  Have you secretly always wanted to raise your own rabbits for meat? Maybe you want to know more about mixology or the history of distilling in North Carolina, or you want to get a few more unconventional gardening tricks up your sleeve.

We’ve got a kombucha workshop for those wanting to make their own healthy and delicious beverage, and two soap making workshops because you know homemade soaps smell better, last longer and are easier on your skin and the earth.  And we have a communicating for sustainability to make you better at expressing your mission and values in your work to build a better world.


Check out our upcoming DIY workshops page for more info about our DIY Sustainability Workshops Series, or follow the below links to pages where you can learn more about each specific workshop and register online.

Let’s do this!

Fall 2014 DIY Sustainability Workshops:

Brew your own!  The history, healthfulness & production of kombucha
with Grant Ruhlman
Saturday, September 6, 9am-12noon at the Plant (Pittsboro)

Cold-Processed Soap Making
with Wild Field Soap’s Shaun Hundley
Sunday, September 7, 1-4:30pm at Perch Studios (Carrboro)

Drink & Thinks: Global-Local Mixology
with Gary Phillips and Dr. Colbey Reid
Sunday, September 7, 4:00pm-7:00pm at The Plant, Pittsboro

Small-Scale Biochar: Making it Good for the Earth & Climate
with John Bonitz
Saturday, September 13, 1-5pm at The Plant, Pittsboro

Keyhole Garden Build & Feast
with Deb Tolman
Saturday, September 20, 2pm-7pm at the Plant, Pittsboro

Communicating for Sustainability
with Michiel Doorn
Saturday, September 20, 1-5pm at Chatham Community Library

Intro to Aquaponics
with Rachel Tinker-Kulberg and Mike Yablonski
Saturday, October 18, 10am-3pm at the Plant, Pittsboro

Drink & Thinks: Cocktail Alchemy
with Gary Phillips and Dr. Colbey Reid
Sunday, October 19, 4:00pm-7:00pm at The Plant, Pittsboro

Raising Rabbits for Meat
with Mary DeMare and Dan Shields
Saturday, October 25, 10am-3pm at Fatty Owl Farm, Pittsboro

Drink & Thinks: End of Prohibition
with Gary Phillips and Dr. Colbey Reid
Sunday, December 7, 4:00pm-7:00pm at The Plant, Pittsboro