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Abundance wants to share good news. We share stories that will inspire people to act more sustainably in their work and lives, and to go out and meet their neighbors, shop at their stores, and get more connected to their community.

If you have a topic around sustainability, resilience, local economy or anything related to our mission, we’d love you to submit your story idea to our editor.

Stories are usually between 750 and 1000 words, but can range from 250 to 2,500 words, depending on the format.  Multiple photos are always great, and we need at least one good photo for every story.  We reserve the right to edit.

We also can always use good photographers for our events, in exchange for free admission (and food and drinks!), and we love working with local photographers to document things happening in our community.

Check out our Stories Page to see the types of stories we have published so far.

Here are the types of stories and photos we are looking for:

  • News – anything related to what we’re up to (see our What we do or Events pages)
  • Local Happenings – this is anything happening in the community that relates to our mission of sustainability and community resilience.
  • Piedmont Stories – A feature story on anything from central N.C., whether it be a local entrepreneur, farm-to-table restaurant, non-profit, small business, school program, etc.
  • Interviews – This can be of someone local or faraway, if they are doing something relating to our mission and philosophy.
  • Models of Sustainability – These are not necessarily local people, places or things, but can be from anywhere, especially if they serve as a great example of something we could implement here in North Carolina.
  • Essays – Opinions, theses, discussions… make us think!
  • How-to – Recipes, step-by-step instructions on DIY skills, etc.  This can involve a video tutorial or photos.
  • Reviews – review a local play, book, album, food, restaurant… or something that’s not local but that relates to our mission.
  • Videos – Right now this is just a collection of our Pecha Kucha videos, but if you have another video idea, we’d love to hear it!

Contact Stories editor Alisa Esposito with questions or ideas.

Farmer Doug Jones offering tastings at a Sustainability Tour.

Farmer Doug Jones offering tastings at a Sustainability Tour.