God is Change

Paul Sacca’s time machine @ Abundance NC’s 10 year anniversary

Dear Beloved Community,

It is with great pride and emotion that I announce many changes at Abundance NC.

This non profit was hatched around 2005 in a hot tub by local foodies and renewable energy nerds that were tired of bureaucracy.  We have morphed into a beautiful organization of depth and meaning.  Our mission has been broad and ambitious and sometimes hard to describe.

Basically we set out to make our community healthier, our environment better, our constituents engaged, our world a bit brighter and our people connected to each other.

As we have learned, everything changes.  I am extremely excited to announce our new Associate Director, Ally DeJong.  She has a very interesting history with Abundance and as a young woman.  Ally was a soccer star, a peace corp volunteer in Comoros, Africa and has big energy and passion for Abundance.  Ally’s welcome blog is here.

Abundance Staff at 2019 Death Faire

Ally is taking the position that our dear Hannah Eck held.  Hannah brought a strong passion and wisdom in her role; gifting Abundance with a sturdy foundation with which to grow and will have much to share in all her future endeavors. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Hannah in the community and we are grateful for her past 5 years of service to this community and to Abundance.  Jenn Hansen is also off and working on her sound healing passions.  Jenn came to us at a vulnerable time when we lost my son and Alisa’s husband.  The organization was upside down and both Jenn and Hannah helped myself and the staff right-side.  I truly cherish the Monday meetings and projects our team put together.  May both Hannah and Jenn prosper (and get some rest!)

10 Year Abundance NC anniversary

With the new decade approaching, Abundance sat down with an amazing facilitator, Dana Brinson (Founder, Death Doula and Change Partner:  Consulting Betwixt).

Within 3 hours, we figured out that we want to focus on our fiscal sponsorship “non-profit incubator” piece of the business.  And, that is what we are doing.  We are opening the doors to more programs and projects.  We have 14 years of experience and have incubated dozens of programs and non-profits.  More are coming!

Stay tuned for very cool news about this focus and increase in mission of community resilience.

It’s incredibly rewarding to train and mentor new and younger people to take on this work.  There is a lot of foundation, good will and important work being done.  I am excited to see how it grows and changes.

I, personally am driving off into the sunset Feb 1st to go on sabbatical across the United States and will be back mid march to help further the transitions.

“All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change. God Is Change.”  Octavia Butler

with deep gratitude,

Tami Schwerin