Non-Profit Incubation

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Through our non-profit incubation program, we provide official nonprofit status, assistance and guidance to other like-minded organizations, to help them get their start, make progress and succeed.

Starting a new non-profit organization is a lot of work and involves some upfront expense and a lot of paperwork, especially if the non-profit wants to be able to accept tax-free donations. We are able to help new start-ups sidestep that part of the process until they are on their feet, helping make changes happen in our community in a more efficient way.

Mentoring can help new organizations avoid potential obstacles and take advantage of opportunities when they come along. Through our fiscal sponsorship program, we help local enterprises thrive and we facilitate the creation of more resilient communities.

Currently we are not accepting applications to our Fiscal Sponsorship Program. 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply at any time and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Our Board of Directors meet quarterly to approve or disapprove fiscal sponsorship requests. We have onboarding quarterly of new fiscal sponsees, the application cutoff date is the first of that month.

Application cutoff dates are:
March 1st / June 1st
September 1st / December 1st


Stellar organizations such as Farmer Foodshare, Raleigh City Farm, Pickards Mountain Eco Institute, Slow Money NC  and more, have gotten their start through Abundance NC’s fiscal sponsorship program. Read more about our current and past fiscal sponsorship partners below.



  • Apex Farmers Market   Committed to the health, wellness, and longevity of our community. This organization provides outreach through education regrading food production and accessibility, sustainable living practices, nutrition and more. Apex Farmers Market offers a space for local farmers and businesses to sell their goods and services with the goal that we may support the growth and nurture stability of our community as a whole.
  • Local Organic Y’all   A project attempting to understand the largest players in the NC food distribution system.
  • Deep River Clean Water Society   Deep River Clean Water Society is a group of NC citizens who love and are grateful for the water that nourishes our lives.  They are working to respect and pay our due to the environment we live in by educating those who may be effected by hydraulic fracturing or fracking stimulation of natural gas wells.
  • Farmer Foodshare   Farmer Foodshare connects people who grow food with people who need food. Simply put, they strive to make fresh, local food available to everyone in the community, and to make sure farmers growing it make a healthy living.  Farmer Foodshare has since gotten its own 501c-3 nonprofit status!
  • The Real Food Fight
    The Real Food Fight’s Mission is to educate all individuals about the importance of eating food that is in sync with the mind, body, and planet.
  • Raleigh City Farm
    Raleigh City Farm transforms unexpected downtown spaces into beautiful and nourishing farmland. We engage city dwellers in the process of growing food, sparking imaginations about agriculture in the city.  These highly-visible spaces will be an educational tool to demonstrate responsible, intensive growing techniques as we move toward a restorative, community-based food system.
  • Sixth Sun
    Sixth Sun is a non-profit organization that promotes a sustainable, community-based lifestyle through hands-on education, long term support and innovative ideas specific to each community.
  • Solarize Shakori
    To offset the Shakori Hills Festival of Music and Dance’s usage of electricity, they are creating a permanent grid inter-tied solar electric system located permanently on the site.
  • The Wild Food and Herb Market
    The Wild Food + Herb Market is a “farmers” market featuring foragers, herbalists, wild food cultivators and local plant educators in the North Carolina Piedmont. The Wild Food + Herb Market provides wild food and medicinal herb enthusiasts a place to buy, sell, trade and gather with others interested in wild foods and herbs.
  • YardSprout
    YardSprout aims to help build a new agrarian economy by facilitating the cultivation of food in over 1 million residential yards, 300,000 school yards, and additional properties in the U.S. by connecting available land to expert gardeners, edible landscaping companies, and urban farmers.
  • Feed the Farm
    A collaboration with Whole Foods Market raising funds to help local farms in times of hardship.  Monies were distributed to several farms that had weather related damage to get them through the season.
  • Pickards Mountain Eco Institute
    Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute (PMEI) is dedicated to healing the Human-Earth relationship through Earth Literacy and Local Economy.  Their educational farm and sustainability learning center reside on 70 acres in the Piedmont of North Carolina, eight miles west of Chapel Hill
  • Pittsboro Mural Project
    An art teacher, a muralist and several community organizers worked with a class of kids a little bit at risk.  The kids designed a mural, the organizers raised the money and hired the muralist and the art teacher made it happen.  Took a winter to create a gorgeous environmentally themed mural on the side of a downtown building across from the Pittsboro Roadhouse by the circle.  This project needed a fiscal sponsor and catapulted Abundance NC into fiscal sponsorship.
  • Bee Downtown
  • Slow Money NC


For questions contact our Fiscal Sponsorship Liaison
(919) 961-9985