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Bee Downtown


Bee_Downtown_ColorBee Downtown, a local Durham nonprofit, is part of Abundance NC’s fiscal sponsorship program.  They are focused on teaching our community about Colony Collapse Disorder and the increasing problems honey bees are facing all over the world today.

With an emphasis on urban beekeeping, they craft new and exciting educational outlets to teach about the importance of honey bees.  Their goal is to create a new swarm of bee enthusiasts in the area by providing an atmosphere where people of all ages are passionate and knowledgeable about honey bees.

Bee Downtown‘s first program:  

Bee Downtown is excited to introduce honey bees to the American Tobacco Campus and Burt’s Bees headquarters (located at ATC) in Durham, North Carolina.

  • The American Tobacco Campus houses two Bee Downtown rooftop hives in the central part of the campus on top of the Power Plant Building.

  • Bee Downtown built, and maintains, the largest observation hive in North Carolina. It is located at the front of Burt’s Bees World Headquarters also located on the American Tobacco Campus. It is open to the public and is home to over 12,000 honey bees!

  • Bee Downtown plans to add more rooftop hives Spring 2015 to the campus and other locations throughout Durham.
    – If you are interested it sponsoring a Durham rooftop hive, please email Leigh-Kathryn Bonner at lkbonner@ncsu.edu

Learn more about Bee Downtown at their website: beedowntown.org



Recent press about Bee Downtown:

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Invest in the future bees and our food security!  Donate to Bee Downtown:

Bee_ColorIf you believe in what they are doing, please consider giving any amount you can.

Thank you!

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Or you can mail your check to:

Bee Downtown c/o The Abundance Foundation
220 Lorax Lane Box #5
Pittsboro, NC 27312