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Why DIY workshops?

Since the beginning, Abundance NC has held unique workshops that empower people to do things themselves and to live more in harmony with nature in their daily lives, making themselves more self-sufficient and their community more resilient. The more skills a community can obtain, spread out throughout the population, the less it has to rely on people faraway to help it survive.

We teach the lost skills of canning, cooking, foraging, and soap making. People learn to repair bikes, save seeds, install solar panels, and make their own biodiesel fuel. Sustainable gardening, stream stewardship, permaculture, and livestock management are lost skills that we are bringing back, one workshop attendee at a time.

From honeybees to garden wine making, our thousands of workshop participants have learned how to manifest what they want in the world, and have made their community stronger as a result.

Find out what workshops we have coming up next, and look at the ones we’ve had over the years.