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Sustainability Summer Camp


Abundance hosted summer camps for two years:  2011 and 2012.  We worked with Hispanic Liaison and Chatham County Together to help at-risk and  under served youth attend our Summer Camp.

An engaging learning experience for youth ages 8-14. Each day of camp included at least 3-5 workshops from sustainability experts and inspired educators, time to prepare a snack from local produce, plenty of outside play and a facilitated reflection session to cap off the day.  Lunch was a big highlight of the day!

camp-1-webThe Kids’ Sustainability Summer Camp was a five-day learning experience packed with hands-on activities focused on sustainability inside and out!
Discussions of conservation will raise the campers awareness of energy and resources. We grew together and learned how to contribute more to the environment than we take!

The Abundance Foundation’s Local Food & Renewable Energy Summer Camp’s goal was teaching youth how to nourish themselves and their communities. We did this by creating a camp that provided rich educational resources and a safe environment for learning and playing together.

The camp took place at the Eco-Industrial Campus in Pittsboro, a community of green businesses, gardens and outdoor space featuring Piedmont Biofuels, Green Door Build/Design, The Abundance Foundation, and many other ecologically-minded businesses, all surrounded by Piedmont Biofarm, a sustainable year-round vegetable farm.

Sustainability Summer Camp topics in included sustainable agriculture, biodiesel production, cooking, medicinal herbs, foraging for wild edibles, seed saving, composting, local economy, and solar energy in order to foster the next generation of environmental stewards and food justice leaders.

After the camp, kids gained a greater sense of where our food and energy comes from and why renewable energy and sustainable agriculture are integral to a balanced and healthy future in North Carolina and beyond.