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Word on the Street

It’s sometimes hard to describe Abundance in a short sentence.  We started asking folks to tell us what they think…
(and we only post the really nice things, ha!)
Here are some beautiful heartfelt testimonials:

About Abundance NC:

“I don’t remember how I first got invited to the Pepper festival in Pittsboro, maybe through my connection with Eastern Carolina Organics, who were headquartered at the same compound on Lorax Lane as the Abundance folks. Eddie and I showed up with our gear to sling local lengua w/ pepper chowchow and felt like we just fit in immediately. That first year (I think it was the second year proper of the fest) all of the chefs were cooking under one tent, sharing beers and passing around some horrible bacon-flavored vodka and talking smack about each other. I made some lifelong friends that day. As the years went by, and pepperfest grew, I felt more distant from what brought us together so I began to get involved in anything that Abundance was doing, that I could fit into my schedule. I worked with cafeteria managers from the Chatham school system, I made hemp pesto pizzas in an outdoor oven, I watched some folks cook down sorghum into molasses, I filled up on biodiesel, I bought a lot of tomatoes from Screech, I spoke at the Climate Change conference, I hugged Angelina as often as I could, I emceed pepperfest, and I mentored a teenage chef to prepare her own dish for pepperfest. Ten years into this experiment, I found out that the whole point of the pepperfest was to prove that people could get enough vitamin C into their diets while eating locally sourced food and not needing to import citrus. I am so grateful for all of the work that Abundance does and all of the like-minded people brought together for their events, people who are moving and shaking central NC and beyond. This all would not be possible without Tami’s spirit and drive.

I feel that food is the central element of our lives these days, something we can all agree on, something that transcends political affiliations, ethnicity, socio-economics and geography. I am honored to be continually asked to participate and to learn from others about the humanity that surrounds us. We are not so different.”  Jay Pierce, Chef

About Pepper Festival:

“I am a hot sauce junky and this is my 3rd year attending. I moved to the area in 2007 so I am a little bummed I didn’t learn about the festival earlier. You guys do a fantastic job, and my fiance and I brag all the time how this is the best festival in the triangle area by far!!! Thank you and your team for all the hard work behind the scenes!!! See ya Sunday!!! (Really though…I look forward to this every year!!!)”   Justin Clyburn

About Death Faire:

For me, the death faire was a beautiful and playful way at looking at life and death and the interplay therein.

I attended with my father who is slowly dying from Parkinson’s disease. We actually don’t talk about death much in our family. I think my dad found the whole experience to be very beautiful. The setting, the performances, the community.

I’m grateful that abundance puts on such talented and professionally executed productions and events.

I feel closer to my community because of the work the abundance foundation offers us.
I look forward to many more programs in future I can participate in with my whole family.

Micah Intrator