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Sixth Sun

sixthsunSixth Sun got its start through Abundance NC’s fiscal sponsorship program and is a current partner with us.  Sixth Sun is a non-profit organization that promotes a sustainable, community-based lifestyle through hands-on education, long term support and innovative ideas specific to each community.


With our community gardens, we teach people to cultivate nutritious food for themselves, creating a systemic change in combating malnutrition and access issues in areas of low socioeconomic status.

Through learning farms and online data sharing, we will launch workshops and provide the training necessary for people to create their own job opportunities, while reconnecting with principles of ecology and self-reliance. This promotes local economic development by educating a workforce and attracting sustainable industry.

We build community, school and teaching gardens as part of a local food system.  As we accumulate knowledge and experience we add these resources to our open-source, online library; a resource to make our efforts as replicable as possible.

By developing outdoor classrooms and curricula at local schools, K-12, we will extend the reach of our educational programs to children in the greater Raleigh area.  Our goal is to empower the community we are in to change their lives in a real and daily way.

Sixth Sun is on facebook: facebook.com/SixthSunRaleigh