Solarize Shakori

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solarize-shakoriSolarize Shakori got its start with Abundance NC’s fiscal sponsorship program. 

Each year Shakori Hills Festival of Music and Dance uses about 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity during 2 festivals, a fiddlers convention, and other events. To offset our usage we are creating a permanent grid inter-tied solar electric system located permanently on the site.

We began this project in October of 2008 and kicked off the project by selling cells and raised over $3000 during the festival. The festival attendees were so excited about participating in their own energy usage and being able to make a small donation to offset their own energy.  We’ve installed 1.5kw to power the coffee barn so far and we are going to keep going!

The team is headed up by a very energetic group including Ed Witkin, Roger and Anne Lenhardt, Jordan Puryear, Susannah Loch, Cara Johnson and Chris Mankoff. Others are jumping onboard to make this happen. More information to come as we approach corporate sponsors and also include people in workshops as we install this array.

Solarize Shakori needs your help!
A 10,000 watt (10 kilowatt) photovoltaic system will produce more than 10,000 kilowatt hours/year.  In this part of the country we can expect to get on average about 4 kilowatt-hours/day for every 1,000 watts of PV, so the 10 kW system could produce as much as 14,600 kilowatt-hours/year).

Solar panels are made up of individual solar “cells.” The 10 kW system will consist of 5200 of these small cells. You can “Sponsor a Cell” on the individual level and there are opportunities to “Sponsor a Panel” on the corporate level too.

If you are interested in a Corporate Opportunity, please give us a call or email (919-533-5181 or
A quarter panel is: $260.
A half panel is: $520.
A whole panel is: $1040.
*Give a cell as a gift and print out this certificate for your loved one!  They’ll appreciate the thought!!  Shakori Abundance cell certificate  At only $10.00 per cell; there are many ways for anyone who wants to contribute. You can sponsor 1 cell or many.

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