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Sparkroot Farm

Sparkroot is a cultural teaching farm and expanding market garden, a community gathering, teaching and learning place. We offer funeral services in our conservation burial ground. We host interns, milk goats, tend bees, and cultivate connection between each other and this land that claims us. We are atop a hill surrounded by a grove of ancient grandmother oaks, nestled into 150 acres of woods with access to square miles of woodland trails. Our two-acre cooperative farm field is tended by many hands and hearts from around the world. Here we work, play, gather, imagine and learn Life together.

We are Village-Makers, gathering in shared work and a vision that sustains us. We are a growing “Living Laboratory” for how it all could be when we stop to wonder aloud a little while together about how it got to be this way, and how might be otherwise. We find Revolution through learning: home tended-dying and village-making funerals, rethinking education, growing hyperlocal economy, learning cooperatively, decolonizing our minds, harvesting together, celebrating solstices, whippoorwill and wolf song, listening to the whispers of the Ancients and the moonlit woods that rest the sacred earth of our Beloveds. We are soil builders. We’ve moved from staking claims on the earth to being claimed by the earth.
Permaculture offers a map out of troubled times we find ourselves in. Sparkroot’s founders, Alisa Esposito and Chris Lucash, held gratifying positions as wildlife biologists for many years, working to save endangered species. Before Chris’s tragic death by the industrial-disease ALS, he worked for 30 years as an endangered red wolf biologist for the federal government. Eventually hard won realization began to form. There is another way: Permaculture and Village-Making (and a lot of trust) make us midwives, well-equipped to tend the birth of a sane, balanced, healthy and abundant future… for all. And so we are questioning everything. Redefining not only poverty, but wealth. Wondering aloud, diving in to ancient stories, and learning hard lessons even when it’s painful. We carry our grief as sustenance for the work of repair. We know we conjure the world with our words, and we’re telling new stories.

Sparkroot administers a Conservation Burial Ground which is open to public burial and visitation. We offer home funeral guidance and coordinate healing services for dying people and their families.

We host classes, discussion groups, potlucks, campouts, summer camps, workshops and teaching intensives.

We farm in village-minded collectives permaculturally. Aside from some First Nations peoples of this land, most of us are living in a scatterling-diaspora and have either deeply forgotten, or are now forgetting, the cultures of our origins. We may have even forgotten that for which we are Meant.

And so we wonder aloud together what culture is, how human beings are forged, and what we might become. We gather around stories and music, books and authors, around tables seated with friends from faraway places, around teachers, elders, poets, healers, and bards.

We seek to Remember.


Thank you.