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The Real Food Fight

Sustainable foods armed with knowledge and a hungry stomach!”

The Real Food Fight was one of the first participants in Abundance NC’s fiscal sponsorship program.  The Real Food Fight’s Mission is to educate all individuals about the importance of eating food that is in sync with the mind, body, and planet.

The Real Food Fight runs programs that address the following:

  • obesity
  • sustainable foods
  • social injustice
  • healthy living

The Real Food Fight promises to:

  • stay unbiased in its views of all food operations and lifestyles
  • educate regardless of race, religion, creed or belief
  • provide programs that are effective and realistic for all income levels
  • demonstrate issues that are in sync with the law
  • keep sustainability in mind when making a decision
  • balance every problem with the most realistic solution(s) out there


food-fightKristen Powers, a Chapel Hill High School student and founder of  The Real Food Fight, hopes that everyone can have a fair,healthy, sustainable meal one day. To accomplish this goal, she has implemented several projects such as the Good Food workshop, cooking lessons at McDougle Middle School, and creating an educational video about the ways one can be healthy in Chapel Hill. She lives on a farm with her lovely 20 animals and family and hopes to one day work for an organization or business that strives to change the world for the better every single day. Kristen would love any support you can provide to help people learn about sustainable foods!