Let me introduce myself…your new Associate Director!

Hello! The name of my human costume is Allison DeJong. Ally, for short. I’m a daughter, sister, soulmate to some, and a friend to many. I’m 23-years-young, an Appalachian State University Alumna, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. I’m a griever, a writer, and believe we live many lives. I’m intuitive, a butterfly enthusiast, and quality time is my top love language. I’m an ENF-J and a Libra sun, Leo moon. I take my coffee with cream and a little honey.

And most recently, I have been trusted with Abundance’s Associate Director position for this upcoming year.

I graduated with a B.S. in Public Relations with a double minor in business and non-profit management. I dance to the idea of living a purposeful life through my work and set out for the Peace Corps mid-2018. I taught English in a small rural community school on the islands of the moon, otherwise known as Comoros. I was a student way more than a teacher and cherish my time spent living there. But even 8,000 miles away, I was being called back home to Pittsboro.

I have been connected to Tami and the Estill-Schwerin family for a long time. About 12 years ago, around Abundance’s conception, I met Zafer. Fast friends turned to high-school sweethearts throughout. I was an avid volunteer for the Earth Day 5-k and Pepperfest when I was brace-faced and unsure of climate change. After high school, Zafer and I did well by exercising our mutual understanding for one another’s journeys and made plans for post-college. He was the closest and most constant person to me besides my immediate family. He was the first person I sought advice and comfort from when my dad was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer that February.

The centerpiece of my family and longest friend both died in 2016.

Since their deaths, I’ve been trying to take my life seriously. To live as though I’m a legacy to their memories. I wish to seize my moment. And I’m convinced this is a big one. 

Everything I’ve learned in early adulthood, accelerated awakenings and all, have led me back to Pittsboro and Abundance, specifically. If I take this opportunity and mentorship within my grasp – it could prove to be one of the most influential times in my personal and professional life.

I look forward to being a part of this community again with a fresh set of perspectives and core values.

Values that go hand in hand with the work that Abundance represents.