Marcela Slade, Executive Director of Abundance NC!

Marcela Slade, Executive Director of Abundance NC starting January 1, 2021 / Death Faire 2020 by Adrian Moreno.


Beautiful People,

Many months ago, I was offered this position and didnt want to commit because of the transitional state of the organization. After murmurations, much thought and support.. ..I am delighted to have been passed the baton as Executive Director of Abundance NC by THE, one and only.. . Tami Schwerin.

Tami has been the heart and soul of this organization and her flight is bittersweet, but, I am grateful because she has woven a path we can easily follow … AND she will continue to be my mentor, as a friend, the founder of Abundance NC and our headquarters landlord! !!

This amazing organization, of irreplaceable value, also reflects the incredible community it has thrived upon for the past 15 years. As Executive Director, I look forward to continuing in serving the North Carolina Piedmont region with love while returning to the founding roots of Abundance NC. I want to focus on our earth, sustainability and health.. .while increasing culture and equality within our organization as well as in everything we do.

We have started to downsize our fiscal sponsorship program and will focus on three events; our Think Again series, PepperFest and Death Faire. We also will continue creating programs based on our community’s needs such as the Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino.

About ME

I was born Marcela de San Félix Slade in Redlands, California in 1976. My Father, a Mexican-American died of a heart attack when I was 2 years old. My Colombian Mother, was left a widow with me and my three siblings ages, 4, 10 and 12.

My Mother moved us back and forth to Bogota, Colombia (1980–1982 / 1987–1991) until she finally settled in Chapel Hill, NC. I went to school at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia (BFA in Graphic Design / MFA in Illustration (1994–2000) and lived 8 years in Barcelona, Spain (2000–2008) and another 8 in Quito, Ecuador (2008–2016) until I moved back to North Carolina.

In Barcelona, I co-founded the lifestyle collective: xerrajeros. Our motto is to love what you do in order to live.

I have designed, owned and operated, with my husband/partner Christian Molina, three gallery-studio-shops. Two in Barcelona: la cuchara art i disseny and sladesign and the third in Cumbaya, Ecuador: xerrajeros galeria studio shop. We created these spaces to house our studios and promote culture through architecture, art & design. Via these spaces I became a curator, event designer, coordinator and producer.

I am a multi-discipline Artist/Designer/Curator/Teacher. I started working at Abundance NC after being invited to participate with my clothing line, sladesign, in the Think Again: Fashion, Farming and Fibers by EastCoast Runway. Shortly after that collaboration, Abundance NC was looking for an event coordinator for Death Faire 2018 and I was hired on the spot! Abundance NC is very much aligned with xerrajeros, most importantly, we love what we do, making work enjoyable.

As curator I continue my work through Smelt Art Gallery and Carrboro Town Hall & Century Center.. professor, I teach the Fashion Illustration course during the Spring Semester at NC State University / Wilson College of Textiles / TATM and as artist, I have several projects going on at the same time. …

I currently live in Carrboro, NC with my husband and two boys and am thrilled to have this new role! !!

Contact: / 9194484888


.. . .retrospective collage I made from images we have from Tami Schwerin at Abundance NC. Photos: Adrian Moreno and other photographers soon to be posted.. . .Thank you Tamiiiiiii. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!