May – Abundance Self-Care Month!


Abundance NC is declaring May as “Abundance Self-Care Month.” Mostly, because I needed it and when telling Staff about it, they too needed it. Then we told a few others and they needed it too. I think most of us are busy taking care of our families and friends and businesses and projects, and I want to do an experiment to see what happens when we focus on ourselves for a month.

Right now, I feel very tired, sometimes impatient and sometimes sad, sometimes mad, and I think after a month of discussion, focus and implementing radical “Abundance Self-Care Month” that I might have a better perspective on life and I might feel pretty healthy and ecstatic, even. My family might love the improvement.

What is self care?

A deliberate and self-initiated focus on one’s body and soul.

Like most things, I think it’s better to invite everyone along. Please join us for a month of Abundance Self Care. Make a commitment to focusing on yourself during the month of May and record what happens. Let us know via our blog comments what is working, what is not working and we’ll gather the data and present at our June 2nd Pecha Kucha held in Pittsboro at the Roadhouse.

If we are going to do this, we are going to go all the way. Go hard or go home! We are talking about a radical change in how you treat yourself! If you already have this mastered, please enlighten us.  

Sometimes it’s more important to prioritize a nap.


Here are some things we are working on for May:

  • exercise
  • yoga
  • saying no
  • eating more fresh healthy local veggies, etc.
  • meditation
  • massage
  • being in nature higher percentage
  • rest
  • reiki
  • reduced screen time
  • increased sex time
  • journaling
  • sleep
  • surrounding ourselves with healthy positive competent people
  • alone time
  • decreased imbibing
  • sweet connections with friends and family
  • deeper spirituality

Sitting on our deck overlooking the pond, I meditate.

Because of my natural state of disarray, chaos, and busyness, it’s extremely hard to sit still for long. But, as I sit in silence, I focus on the bird songs. There are hundreds of birds echoing through the woods…different species, singing. Maybe I’m supposed to not listen, but it’s magical and the more you focus on them, the better it gets. The 10 minute timer goes off before I know it. I think this is successful. Awesome.

A little meditation goes a long way.


Healing arts prizes

We are bringing in the healing arts community and many are offering their services as gifts. We’ll give those out at Pecha Kucha, June 2nd to participants. (Either randomly or to the most innovative self care ideas).
Big Gratitude to donations from: (more coming!!) 
Roxanne Hollander: Chiropractic workup and adjustment
Pittsboro Ladies Fitness: One month free membership
Jenn Browning Massage: One massage
David Hamilton Massage: One massage
Cathy Holt Yoga : Four drop in yoga classes
Scotty Young Massage:  One Massage
John Breckenridge Counseling:  One Hour
Abundance Drink n Think Workshop (2 tickets to storytelling/mixology)
Honeysuckle Tea House:  Gift Basket and Tea for Two
Amy Kimmy Hair Design:  One Haircut
Scott Campbell @ Joy of Movement Yoga:  One Yoga Session
Edwin Nothnagel:  One Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Session
Daran Wallman:  One Sacred Sound Healing Session
Leif Diamant Psychotherapy and Counseling:  One Session
Katie Johnson Yoga:  Full session of five yoga classes at Joy of Movement
Burt’s Bees Gift Basket

We will enter your name in the Healing Arts drawing at the upcoming Pecha Kucha (June 2nd) when you enter your comments either below, in blog comments, or at our Facebook page. Commit to the “Abundance Self Care Pledge” (below), and send in your self-care ideas! Share innovative ways of self care and resources to good information (links, etc). Let us know, “I took the pledge! Here’s how I am doing it…”

Post photos on facebook, twitter or instagram to #abundanceselfcare, or #abundance_nc.

Amazing, right? One month (or perhaps a lifetime) of rejuvenating self-care, surrounded by support, a place to share ideas and a chance to receive a gift from a healer in our community. Perfectly perfect! Let’s go.

Commit to the Abundance NC Self Care Pledge: 

    • I am valuable and worthy of self care and give myself permission to put my self care needs first.
    • I give myself permission to ask for help.
    • I give myself permission to experience joy, passion and pleasure.
    • I understand that self care and inner renewal are essential to my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
    • I understand that when I take care of me first, others are able to be better taken care of by me.
    • I understand that Loving Me, Accepting Me and Taking Care of Me is  a prerequisite to loving others unconditionally.
    • I understand that I can only give away that which I have developed within myself.

I pledge today to experience joy, well being, optimal health and balance through a new, or renewed, practice of self care.

Please comment in the blog and we’ll enter your name in the drawings and keep up with the data to report back!

Even a good haircut can lift your spirits sometimes.
Animals provide great comfort.