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Now through February 25th, your dollar is exponentially stronger.  For every sustainer who supports us we will receive an additional $100 from Fund for Democratic Communities through their generous matching program.

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By choosing to transform your community through change,  you are showing that you care about the world around you.  Your generous gift supports our mission to cultivate and celebrate resilient community through our non-profit incubation program and thoughtfully curated events.

Your donation creates opportunities for people to come together to learn from, inspire and support one another, in their shared efforts to build more resilient communities.  Pepper Festival, Death Faire, Kids Summer Camp and Pecha Kucha create huge ripples of learning, healing and connection.

We’re so very grateful that you’re choosing to co-create with us at Abundance NC.

It is only with your help that we’re able to do this good work.



As a Thank You gift, we offer several books available at our office for pick-up locally:


By Laura Legnick:

Resilient Agriculture: Cultivating Food Systems for a Changing Climate

By Carol Peppe Hewitt:

Financing our Food Shed: Growing Local Food with SlowMoney

By Lyle Estill:

Biodiesel Power

Small is Possible – Life in a Local Economy

Backyard Biodiesel – How to Brew your Own Fuel (with Bob Armantrout)

Industrial Evolution – Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future 


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