Neighbor2Neighbor Holiday Gift Campaign 2020


Give the gift of relief and resiliency this holiday season!

One of the most radical acts you can do in the current state of this world is practicing gratitude. We have enough. Let’s practice that mindset about the people around you.

Your brother doesn’t need that chia pet.

Your grandma doesn’t need another set of pajamas.

Your friend doesn’t need that bottle of wine.


Instead, you can give the gift of electricity, water, food or shelter by donating the cost of that one gift to our mutual aid program, Neighbor2Neighbor / VecinoAVecino.

Abundance NC will send a beautiful handwritten holiday postcard to your loved one on your behalf. We will write what that donation is going to and a bulleted list of the program’s progress to date. 



*Donations are tax deductible. 15% goes to program overhead costs.