the space between what is and what will be

connect, heal, prepare

realigning the frequency of you

are you feeling the restlessness of what you know in your bones to be true while living within the confines and expectations of a producing, fast-paced and individualized culture? we are in an interesting, polar space as a human family that pushes binary ways of being, acting and aligning that lead to destruction of earth, mind, body and spirit. with abundance nc, we encourage the divine need for our souls to be recognized, valued and heard while learning preserved practices and skills to reconnect to our roots. we go against the status quo and like it the wild way.


with the elements and each other

we offer space to be curious and safe. to practice ancient skills and ritual – while also creating new ones. spaces where imaginations are free to explore and create. to remember wild ways of connecting with earth and other beings. to highlight the racist roots of our country and world with dialogue and observation. to practice how we can think far beyond our scarce and limited systems. we are ultimately here to remind you of evidence-informed magic while intentionally cultivating awe and gratitude, together in community.


what we create

annual events

pepperfest is a full circle celebration of our abundant and nutritiously rich sweet, smoky and spicy nc pepper.

death faire is an all day event where we practice acceptance and healing with slow, body-centered grief work that moves into celebration, expression and feeling fully alive.

workshops & gatherings

safe spaces to discover, heal and empower yourself. we offer ancient crafts, primitive skills, ancestral exploration, discussions and sharing circles. these are all rooted in ritual and intention while flowing in the cyclical energies of our seasons.


heart2heart is a nonprofit that is committed to helping individuals, families, and communities navigate the living path of dying time – to death – and to those who are living the grief journey. 


wildcrafted, soul-driven, and cyclical products that support the work we do. support the vision and get a lil’ something in return!

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