Office of the Future


We have since grown too large for this diminutive office, but this tiny house was the home of Abundance NC for a few years.

Besides being adorable and small, it is completely off-grid, running on solar power, heated by a solar air heater, and insulated with cob walls.  We called it The Office of the Future, because we hope that one day all buildings will be built in such a sustainable way.

This little office held three people working together comfortably, but once we added another worker to the mix, we had to move across the field into another building of the Eco-Industrial Complex we call The Plant.

You can see our tiny Office of the Future, as well as the rest of The Plant, which has bees, gardens, a biofuels plant, an aquaponics fish-growing setup, massive solar arrays, and more, at one of our weekly tours, held every Sunday.