September 18th, 2022    TICKETS!  We will celebrate outside @ The Plant, a 16-acre eco-industrial park of likeminded businesses and surrounded by nature on occupied Tuscarora land. We will host around…
Death Faire is a modern-day ritual for our community. We hold space for people to revisit their grief with intention as we navigate the busy nature of our culture. We…
Abundance NC presents our 14th annual PepperFest!  Sunday, September 19th from 3-6 PM TICKETS HERE We will celebrate outside @ The Plant, a 16-acre eco-industrial park to safely spread out and…
Join us to learn more about the history, culture, uses and tastes of this special vegetable, the almighty OKRA. Brought to you by a community of organizations: Abundance NC, Chatham…

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And another brilliant idea from ancient Greece: their drinking parties, called symposia, designed to encourage conversation among citizens. We tend to think of parties as private acts, and as opportunities for escaping thought. But the Hellenic symposium was once an important social institution, where the act of drinking- together acted simultaneously as a kind of religious and civil ritual designed to promote playful thinking and provide an opportunity to try out ideas on others.

The 7th Annual Amazing Pepper Festival


PepperFest comes at the perfect time to celebrate the year’s harvest, enjoy the cooler weather after summer’s intense heat, and savor the deliciousness of Carolina peppers! It’s a chance to hang out with your friends, listen to fantastic live music, and sample all you can eat of pepper-themed dishes and beverages, made by dozens of star chefs, brewers, distillers and more, from central N.C.

Rabbitry Workshop: Raising Rabbits for Meat

A DIY Sustainability Workshop
OCT. 25, 2-3 PM:

Two does and a buck can provide enough meat for a family of 4-6. Rabbit meat is healthy, lean and very low impact. With the manure you can fertilize your garden and with the fur you can make warm stuff! During the Basic Rabbitry workshop, attendees will learn the “how” and “why” of raising rabbits for meat. How to choose breeding stock, sex rabbits, breeding, feeding…

Drink ‘n Think: Prohibition & Repeal Day Party

A DIY Sustainability Workshop
DEC. 7, 4-6 PM:

This workshop explores what Prohibition reveals about the cultural energies and desires brought into greater relief through repression. That is: Prohibition, a historical episode, actualized a philosophical attitude. Tonight we’ll endeavor to understand that attitude by examining its origins and antitheses in a thinking and drinking party that commemorates the Repeal of the Volstead Act on December 5, 1933.