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Join us for PepperFest 2020!

Sunday September 20th 3–6pm in the Streets of Pittsboro, NC! !!

Farmer Registration

Chef Registration

Beverage Maker Registration

Artisan / Packaged Food Vendor

Tabling (Non–Vendor Registration)

This is our biggest annual event! It comes each year in the early fall, which is the perfect time to celebrate the year’s harvest, enjoy the cooler weather after the intense summer heat, and to savor the deliciousness of Carolina peppers.

PepperFest is a chance to hang out with your friends, listen to fantastic live music, and sample all you can of pepper-themed dishes and beverages, made by dozens of star chefs, brewers, distillers and more, from central N.C.  It’s also a chance to support your local foodshed, farmers, and sustainability, and to learn about the amazing restaurants in our area that incorporate locally grown ingredients into their menus.

Tickets available now!

PepperFest has grown by leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings in 2008 as a taste test for a local organic farmer‘s pepper breeding program, to today’s serious celebration of the abundance of local food in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Creativity is on display everywhere at PepperFest — from the scrumptious concoctions dreamed up by our chefs and brewers, to the sweet melodies wafting down from the bands onstage, to the complex flavors embedded in the peppers themselves, — there’s a lot to make us proud to be from N.C.

Check out our official PepperFest website, to find out how to get your peppers delivered to you if you’re a chef, where to buy tickets, sponsor the event, volunteer or get involved!

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