Why Peppers Matter

The Amazing Pepper Festival got its start six years ago as a celebration of the seed saving work of Doug Jones at Piedmont Biofarm and a taste test of his many pepper varieties.  For years Doug has been cultivating bio-regionally appropriate seed varieties, designed to perform well in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

This is important work.  We need seeds that are resistant to local diseases, that thrive in our soil conditions, and — especially now as we face the challenges of climate change — that are adapted to our region’s changing climate.

Our agricultural zone is becoming increasingly hot and increasingly arid.  In order to preserve the fecundity of our foodshed, we will need new breeds, and new varieties, and a new understanding of how we can best adapt our farming practices to fit the needs of the future.  Adaptation matters.

We’ve kept the pepper tasting part of PepperFest alive and well! Find us at the tasting table.

And nowadays global agricultural interests are motivated more by shareholder return than by sustaining abundant life on our garden planet.  Large corporations control many of our seed varieties.  But at PepperFest, we are creating a different world.  We eat peppers bred naturally through careful seed saving practices and grown sustainably on local farms.  They are superfoods that will sustain and heal us into the future, all grown using farming techniques that build, rather than poison, the soil.  Peppers matter.

At PepperFest, with every bite of delicious peppery dish, and each sip of spicy pepper-infused beer, we are propagating a world that is free of genetically-modified organisms, free of patents on seed varieties, and free to adapt as needed.  We are all helping create a stronger local food system and a better future for our children.

We invite to come to this year’s PepperFest, this October 5th, and taste the diverse pepper dishes and local brews, dance together, play with the children and learn along the way from all the folks that have been working to make this amazing festival happen!

Go to our official Pepper Festival website to find out how to be a part of this year’s PepperFest!