Running on Local, Right Here at Home

running on localRunning on Local at Emerson Waldorf in Orange County
Written by Lyle Estill

A few years ago Carol Peppe Hewitt and I put together a traveling speaking act we called Running On Local.  We had founded Slow Money NC together, and she had just published her book, Financing Our Foodshed.  We decided to go on the road to spread the gospel of sustainability and the virtues of local economy. We tell real world stories of how it is possible to feed ourselves, fuel ourselves, power ourselves, and finance ourselves in today’s economy, and we are getting ready to do it again at the “Brown Wing” of the Emerson Waldorf High School in Chapel Hill on November 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Our travels together have been a blast.  We have been in church basements talking to Transition Town groups.  And we have spoken to communes who are trying to build community.  We’ve spoken at  “maker spaces” in Virginia and Ohio. We’ve been on stage in Boston, and Brooklyn, and Seattle, and Oakland. One time we did a Running on Local talk in Santa Rosa, California at a Coop grocery store.  What we loved about that occasion was that the next speaker in the series was filmmaker Linda Booker.  Also from Pittsboro.

We are jazzed to be able to do our shtick so close to home. It’s weird. We understand the biblical concept that “you cannot be a prophet in your own land.”  Around here we are just good old Carol and Lyle.  But out in the world we become exotic visionary authors.

And we like to stay home. We hope you can come and join us if you can.

Join Carol and Lyle in Chapel Hill:  

NOVEMEBER 16, 7 PM at Waldorf Emerson High School – The Brown Wing