Self-Care Month: Homework for a Happier You


Five Star Challenge – Homework for a happier you.

Here’s a recipe for Self Care month: Every night before you fall asleep, list five golden moments from your day. Write them down if you wish or simply savor them. These are the stars that will guide you to your goal of a happier life. It costs nothing and works for men and women, young or old, trusting or cynical.

If nothing comes to mind, pull out your five worst moments and mull them over. Your worst moments are the flip side of your gold stars. “I had a crappy day because I had too much to do,” is the reverse of a spectacular day with no commitments. Or a great day with few.


You may be surprised at how simple your best moments are. A familiar face beaming, an unexpected gift, a squirrel doing a crazy flip, laughter shared, a compliment received or given, a bite of fresh sourdough, golden hour kissing the tops of the trees, a good walk, the smell of horse, a cold drink of water.

Start taking stock and I guarantee you will soon have a better idea of what makes you happy. And before you know it you’ll be creating more bliss in your life. The recipe works because until you understand what brings you joy, you cannot seek it out. Ask yourself what you want or need and see if the answer comes easily. If not, take the five star challenge and see what happens.

After a few days you will notice patterns. These are the key to your well-being, the ingredients of a better life. You’ve got a good life. Turn it into gold with this easy exercise.


Camille Armantrout lives and works in Chatham County, North Carolina with her magnificent husband, Bob and promises to take the Five Star Challenge beginning now.