Shut off your breakers, in remembrance of the dan river coal ash spill



Next Monday, join with other members of your community by shutting off your main breakers from 7 a.m. until noon.  We are taking this action in remembrance of the Dan River coal ash spill, and in solidarity against Duke Energy

On February 2, people across Duke Energy’s service area will unite in a moment of remembrance of the wildlife lost and the people’s lives that were affected by the third worst coal ash spill in our history. We will silently but effectively express our discontent at the complacency with which this spill has been treated by the corporation responsible for this spill – Duke Energy – as well as the NC state government for its weak response.

We love our land. We love our state. We love the people and the wildlife that inhabit it. We will remain steadfast in our belief that Duke Energy needs to responsibly manage its waste and that they and they alone are responsible for all costs incurred in this management.

We hope to make a significant statement to Duke Energy that we, the consumers of their product, ultimately have the power. And we will do this simply by shutting off the main breakers to our houses and our businesses during the peak energy use times of 7 a.m. until noon on Monday, February 2.

More information on our Facebook event page, where you can join the event: