Kitchen Apothecary: Nourish Your Life

A DIY Wellness Series with Chef Whitney Dane
Saturday, June 3, 2017 10 – 2 PM:

Join Creative Director Whitney Dane for a day of medicinal garden walking and product making Tea House. Join in to nurture your connection to the rhythms of the earth! Spring is a wonderful time to collect buds and new growth for your kitchen apothecary. Engage your wild appetite, taste new herbs and plants that will awaken your pallet after the long winter. We will explore uncultivated and cultivated delicacies to make a delicious spring salad and dressing to share…….

Farm Aid Concert & Homegrown Skills Tent

North Carolina, here we come! Farm Aid 2014 is right around the corner—and you may have heard that a bunch of real pros are headlining. (You know, just some guys named Willie, Neil, John, Dave, and Jack, among others.) But over on the HOMEGROWN Skills Tent schedule, you’re the talent!