Running on Local, Right Here at Home

Running on Local at Emerson Waldorf in Orange County Written by Lyle Estill A few years ago Carol Peppe Hewitt and I put together a traveling speaking act we called […]

Grassroots Sustenance

I’ve always been on the edge of Abundance NC. I helped get it started, and I have watched my wife Tami take it toward the moon over the years. I’ve […]

Wintery mix tour + sweet potato biscuit recipe

  Abundance NC recently hosted eleven kids, from the Cathedral of Incarnation, an Episcopalian church on Long Island. That’s not remarkable. We have thousands of visitors each year, who come […]

Stages of grief vs. riding the rapids

I sometimes wonder if twelve years in biodiesel is more like running a river in a canoe, or going through the stages of grief. At the 2014 Collective Biodiesel Conference, […]