Mythtelling with Dr. Martin Shaw at Sparkroot Farm

A Thousand Persian Horses Gallop: Passion, Eloquence & The Road of Story
at Sparkroot Farm•
Saturday, May 19, 10 AM – 4 PM:

Join us for a day or a full weekend with mythteller and author, Martin Shaw. Dr. Shaw claims the stories we need arrived right on time about five thousand years ago. They were provocative, mysterious, wild and deep. They were the weft and weave between us, the land and the Otherworld. A mighty currency that has lost all its purchase in modern times. This is the inheritance no one ever told you about. Martin Shaw is at the forefront of the revival of the mythic imagination and widely regarded as one of its most accomplished teachers.

A Way We Once Were Made – A Gathering for Men with Dr Martin Shaw – at Sparkroot Farm

A Mens Gathering
at Sparkroot Farm•
Sunday, May 20, 10 AM – 4 PM:

Today is a real cultural moment: the most degraded elements of a toxic masculinity paraded in full view, and a degree of consequence metered out. Let it be so. For men that love and admire women, that are raising kids, are lovers, sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, mentors, partners, we need deep and profound wisdom to draw from at such a time. How do we rise to this cultural moment gracefully, with acute listening, honesty and capacity for depth? It can be an exhausting business to maintain the shape of being human.