Music as Medicine

A common feature of many indigenous cultures from across the globe is the practice of music as a healing modality and means to commune with unseen realms. Songs are considered a […]

The energetic road map to self care

  It seems simple enough to practice “self-care” in theory.  There are many ways to care for one’s own well being, which might point to why it’s easy to put […]

Align & Surrender to Self Care & Healing

In reading the astrological forecast for this week, we are encouraged (for those who aspire to make changes to their lives), to make an important transition – to heal their […]

Eliminating Barriers to Self-Care

“Sigh…” I thought as I surveyed half a dozen used coffee cups at Betty’s Diner on a winter morning in 1976. As the dishwasher, it wasn’t my job to clean the tables, […]

May – Abundance Self-Care Month!

Abundance NC is declaring May as “Abundance Self-Care Month.” Mostly, because I needed it and when telling Staff about it, they too needed it. Then we told a few others and […]