The Magic Pill to solve your Health, Love and Money problems

My husband, Lyle, walked out one day after hearing a report on NPR and asked me “what is the magic pill to help depression, anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, despair, and a few other things?”

My immediate thought was marijuana.

“NO” he said. “It’s exercise.”

Of course. Of course.

We all know that intuitively. Go outside and you feel better. Go outside and run down the lane or go for a bike ride and you feel terrific! Throw in a little yoga, pilates, a walk in the woods under a full moon, chopping wood, and that is what our bodies were built for: movement. Over the past century, we humans have become more sedentary due to all of our technological improvements.

100 years ago we died from pneumonia and tuberculosis and now it’s heart disease and cancer. And I’d say that our quality of life as a whole has declined. Many folks these days are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines.

What if we decreased our pharmaceuticals, decreased our screen time, and got outside and moved our bodies? I think happiness levels would soar.  I think productivity would go up and I think that more people would reach their highest potential.  Love would abound, money problems would be figured out and health overall would be much improved.  Even messiness would be solved as people had more energy to clean and organize.

This year Abundance NC and Briar Chapel are offering a challenge at our annual Earth Day 5K race on April 9th, 2016.
We are offering an incentive to first time runners. Let’s start the habit of exercise. Love your body, Love your Earth!

Registration is here:
Use this code if you are a first time runner for a 5.00 discount: first5k

We’ll have a health expo and healthy foods at the race.
And having a goal and completing it makes you ecstatic and able to take on the next challenge that comes at you.
Join us!