The Musical Making of a More Beautiful World

missrumphiusAs a child, one of my favorite books was “Miss Rumphius.” I read my copy ragged, and when I became a mother, it was one of the books I could not wait to read to my own kids. To my delight, both have loved it as much as I did. If you don’t know this book, it tells the story of a little girl who grows up to do the three things her Grandfather tells her are most important in life – to travel to far away places, to come home to live by the sea, and, most importantly, to make the world more beautiful. Miss Rumphius ends up making the world more beautiful by scattering lupine seeds all over the countryside (and becomes known as the Lupine Lady). Reading this book to my daughter one night, I thought…I’ve traveled to faraway places (and continue to), I’ve lived by the sea (for a bit on the gorgeous Pacific Northwest coastline), but how will I make the world more beautiful?

How will I make the world more beautiful…I remember thinking hard about that question as a child – it’s quite a big task – but as an adult the question seemed more crucial and pressing somehow. Soon after that night an idea began to take shape… to somehow fuse my love of music and my experience in the music industry with making the world more beautiful.

Lupine Productions was born in early spring of 2015. The overall idea in forming this company was to put great live music in a festive atmosphere to enhance our local community. I wanted to do it in a way that was fun but also helpful…with purpose…and decided that raising money and awareness for a local non-profit with each show might work. When I contacted the folks at The Plant with the idea, they were responsive and excited. They also had the perfect space with a lovely field and a stage, an area filled with natural beauty and great energy.

I reached out to local non-profits, and many were on board. Several bands were willing to come out and play, and Concerts for a Cause became reality. This year, we’ve raised money for Pickard’s Mountain Eco-Institute, Abundance Foundation, SEEDS, and we still have shows to benefit Musical Empowerment and FVRC of Pittsboro coming up this fall! Music from bands as diverse as Hiss Golden Messenger, Town Mountain, and Holy Ghost Tent Revival (among others) are gracing the stage this year. Connections have been made, people have come out to shows, and the word is spreading. I’m working on ideas for next year already, and am excited about the all the possibilities ahead!

The mission of Lupine Productions is simple. We bring great music to the Triangle area in a sustainable community gathering space while increasing awareness and funding for locally based non-profits.  We partner with local businesses to foster community and create a family friendly concert experience for all to enjoy. It has been a labor of love and I do like to think, that like The Lupine Lady, I’m doing my part to make the world more beautiful.


Lupine Production’s next Concert for a Cause is scheduled for September 13 at The Plant in Pittsboro from 5-8:30 PM. They’ll be raising money for Musical Empowerment and dancing to great music from Ancient Cities and the grand shell game. 


CFAC grand shell game-yellow

amymagrinatAmy Magrinat, Lupine Production’s “Lupine Lady” lives in Pittsboro, NC with her husband and 2 children. We are grateful for her care in creating a more beautiful and abundant world through music, passion and vision.