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Think Again is a series of salons, gatherings, performances, and conferences held to reconsider our dominant culture in hopes of inspiring better ways of being in this world.  As a culture, we’ve found ourselves on auto pilot – not questioning the paradigms we’ve inherited.  Have we conjured a world that we can thrive in?  Can we re-imagine our place in it? What is serving us?  What is not?  How might we contribute to making a better day for those who come after us?

The consequences of the way we live our lives are powerful.  Our culture is fertile for change.   The time is now to Think Again about everything.  As an ancestor, may we be remembered as those who planted the trees that give shade to future generations – not the ones who lost the seeds for good.  As we think again, may our ideas take root to create a more verdant world.

Lasting change grows from the ground up.  In local communities, we can rethink old systems that no longer serve us and tend to new ones.  With curiosity, trust, and wonder – there can be a clearer path to a meaningful way of living, producing, learning, and being together.

So together, let’s Think Again.


Past Events: 

THINK AGAIN: Fashion, Farming & Fiber

Engaging people in provocative conversations around the fashion industry.

Today, 246 million children age 5-14 work in garment factories across the world.   Today, communities adjacent to industrial cotton fields are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and cancers.   Today, 85% of the clothing we discard in the US is sent to landfills and incinerators.  Today, a dressmaker in Africa is unemployed because we’ve saturated her village with our thrift store castoffs.  Today, fashion is right behind oil as one of the most polluting industries on Earth and consumption is rising.

In this daylong festival event, we’ll re-think:  The history of big cotton in NC – from the slave ship to the shores of China.  The industrial agricultural system.  The ills of “fast fashion.”  Global industry and the economics of extraction.  Conventional fibers and textiles.  Social justice.   The worldwide effects of garment disposal.  Who and what is beautiful?  Deep culture versus personal style.

We’ll also dive into current sustainable fiber endeavors  – such as hemp.  We will engage in rethinking fashion by considering the use of upcycled, recycled and local materials. We’ll also shine a light on vendors and designers doing good work on this front –  across our world and right here at home!

Let’s step back from this page and take a look at what we’re wearing…

Will we make better choices tomorrow?