cyclical workshops & gatherings

ritual, sharing, skill building

heal yourself to heal the collective and move suffering out of our bodies and ancestral lines​

empower yourself to be rooted in your intuition, boundaries and play

grasp ancient practices and skills to divest from our systems and prepare

cyclical workshops & discussions

there are certain energies that flow within the seasons that translate within our bodily rhythms and practices. we offer workshops with various local instructors, healers and craftspeople that align with our three pillars of healing, empowering and preparing. we try to plan workshops that align energetically with our yearly earth cycles.

spring portal

air, waxing moon, visioning, playful, ungrounded, learning, imagination

summer portal

fire, full moon, nurturing,moving energy, accountability, taking risks

fall portal

water, waning moon, wisdom, harvesting, grief, dreaming, retreating

winter portal

earth, dark moon, void consciousness, solitude, otherworldly, recovery

stories of grief & healing

a free, monthly and casual gathering offering support through elemental earth magic and bearing witness to one another sharing our human experiences with grief and healing. this gathering is on the third tuesday of every month except december and january. we rest in these two winter months. this gathering is rain or shine. food served at 5:30pm and sharing begins at 6pm.

“those who undertake the full journey into their grief come back carrying the medicine for the world.”

- francis weller


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